This Pack Contains More than 250 Buildings And thousands of Other Objects Placed Around Dubai City And the Jebbel Alli Port in order to refresh the Dull looking Dubai in the Default Sim .Whether its Iconic buildings such as the World Tallest and Second Tallest Hotels(The Gervora and the JW Marriot Marquis)
Or Tourist Attractions such as Stargate and the Dubai Frame this Pack has it all.Well not All because the Night Lights and Reflective Glass Textures were only Done For about 30 or 40 of the Most important buildings as there are Simply too many Buildings to Do .SO this is more of a pack that will be enjoyed More During the Day than At night. But regardless  Its a Must have if you ever Plane to Fly into Dubai.SkyDive Dubai Airport Has also been reworked to fix the elevation issues it previously had
You can Check out a video of the Scenery Here to see it before Downloading