Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor: Top Mach Studios Freeware Edition

Yhteensopivuus Sim Update 6 on vahvistettu.

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Ensimmäinen versio julkaistu June 16, 2021
Viimeksi päivitetty August 01, 2021
Tiedoston koko 353.82 MB
Downloads 65,218
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Military Aircraft
#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop


15,560 | IX Senior Captain

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  • Version August 01, 2021

    Raising the roughness(to reduce reflections) for the interior glass too high caused it to blur the environment with the 1.0.5 update. Lowered it back as little as we could to prevent blurring.

  • Version 1.0.5 August 01, 2021

    Fixed Bug in PMFD Airspeed that sometimes displayed "XXX" when first starting a flight.

    Changed the default screen brightness of the MFD's to higher values.

    Lowered reflections on the interior glass of the canopy.

  • Version 1.0.4 July 31, 2021

    Bug fixes for SU5 compatibility.
    Re-added ICAO Designators.

  • Version July 01, 2021

    Revised installreadme.txt file. No other changes.

  • Version June 30, 2021

    -Updated sound file for more realistic engine sounds
    -Increased flap drag coefficient to a more realistic value
    -Corrected missing flap angles / detents with user flap position selection
    -Disabled bugged default auto-spoiler and auto-brake functions
    -Updated user manual and documentation

  • Version June 22, 2021

    Including additional documentation forgotten in this morning's update.

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508 Kommentit

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I just cant seem to extend the landing gear when I land. The speed was well under 290 with flaps extended. I have a yoke with a key set to landing gear toggle, but neither that nor dragging the switch with my mouse works. It works right after took off when I tried to extend it, but just wouldnt work later. I hope someone could tell me why, thanks. Overall brilliant aircraft!



6 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Love this! Pretty much 90% of my flying is in this! I only fly in VR with an Oculus Rift and the scale and cockpit feels great. This works fine with SU6 for me, no difference from before that I could find. It's perfect for flying zero visibility ils approaches, with rain streaking down the canopy, hoofing around the mach loop or Star Wars canyon, doing vertical climbs straight from take off or just cruising around like a Cessna, anything really! Only grievance I have is that occasionally it's like some giant is punching the nose of the aircraft and it will sweep from one side to the other, usually I end up tumbling around and crash, but sometimes I can afterburner enough to stay in the air. Oh and it would be nice if the rain on the canopy noise was in there, like with the native Daher. Just so I can sit there enjoying the peace whilst I drink a coffee, so a pretty minor thing! All in though 10/10!

Is it just me, or have the canopy gone really blury since su6?



12 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Thank you so much for this.

My new favourite thing in MSFS. Absolutely brilliant;


Any word on the next update? 😊

How i can play with keyboard ? Jet not work with keybord ( When i can play ? 😞((



15 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Hi guys of TopMachStudio,

this beast is such a joy to fly! Thank you so much! You guys nailed it, to create a FBW-system, that´s way better than in a payware like the F15E from DC Designs. Your Raptor is so easy to control that you have an idea on how a real FBW system works!

I think your F22 is one of the best jetfighters in MSFS!

I can highly recommend this Raptor!

Some afterburner-effects and a movable canopy would be the sh1t!

All the best to you and keep up the good work.

Greetings from germany




17 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Awesome plane! This add-on works wonders and has a good behavior. If you go over 700kph it starts to wobble but this is not that noticeable. Sounds great, flies great looks great. Love the engine noise! Flew in VR from Salt Lake to Northern California Coast then landed in SF. Wow this was so realistic! Flying over Nevada at 65000 feet was so spectacular and I realized how beautiful our country is. Once I landed in Frisco I stood up, got off the plane and expected to head to Mission District and enjoy a Burrito and a Ghirardelli chocolate... when I realized I had a headset attached to my head... 😉



17 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Ohhh You damned Beauty! Yes... This is a TRUE Fly-by-wire system.. Point and shoot kinda deal.. Lift from runway.. get straight and level,, you know the real FBW stuff when you never have to be concerened with any trim function.. It's all here.

Avionics, textures, although real good also...( i can redo them for my own preference), don't matter to me, you got this flight model real down! HUD has NO tearing under TAA etc.. This is one hell of a freeware very much reccommended to everyone.

Thank You topmachstudios for bringing us all this wonderful product. I look forward to updates to this, and any future product from yourself.



18 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Thank you, very great model for a freeware! It would be great to have the pilot visible from the external view. As currently I feel like flying a UAV lol

Where is the Air-Brake in this thing



21 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios
Perfect aircraft, with amazing physics!!

To be perfect, the project could have the Afterburners of the engines equal to the f14 and f15.



21 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Excellent flying experience with this plane. Although some exterior and interior textures still need some work, the plane is great to fly. Whether at 100’-200’ altitude for a low and slow flight at around 150-200 knts through mountains or a large city, then cranking it up to full throttle to haul a** up to around 50,000’ (Just because I can!). Then back down again for another sight-seeing flight. Smooth and steady flight with an all-glass canopy in front with no visual impairment like other fighter models. Just like my other favorite, the F-16. I donated some $$ but I didn’t see it in the sponsor list, I hope you got it!

Hi there, some cockpit textures are not working (they are shinny pink color of unloaded textures), I haven't modified the install folder, any idea how to fix it? Thank you.



23 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

please make a f35 your f22 is great by the way

Good model but my game lags and crashes when i use it



27 day(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Overall very impressive! Joy to fly with. Not so serious avionics but enough for realism. Very interesting and functional MFDs, a true joy. Good manual and presentation. Internal and external lights are well rendered. There are some limitations because of MSFS's innate limits but anyhow if the developer overcomes the system's limitation and renders more complex systems of F22, this will be the best military jet in MSFS.

are there any liverys for this?



1 month(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

It's really fast and it has good flight behavior. It can travel a long distance at high altitude very quickly, I crossed Italy like it was a small island. It doesn't have the craziest amount of detail but just the right amount that we need.



1 month(s) ago / Kiitti topmachstudios

Thank you so much for this amazing airplane! i made some videos flying with him. I hope you enjoy them!


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