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Bush Trips
#Nature #Sightseeing Canada Exclusive Drag and Drop


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45 Kommentit

I have done all 3 of the Bush Trips. They were all excellent - (a few minor bugs that I was able to work around.) I live in Vancouver and am a private pilot (based out of CYPK) and have flown my aircraft on many of the legs in the trips. You did a great job researching the history of some of the locations. I look forward to trip #4.

It would be great to see inclusion of the airports on Vancouver Island in a future bush trip as well.

Great Bush Trip, loved it!!

For the first bush trip you've done, this is excellently done. The research on the individual waypoints is also succinctly summarized. My comments are always way too long. Many thanks for this add-on. I enjoyed it. In addition, the title probably hit exactly the taste of the users. So many downloads, in such a short time have managed only the first trips published here. Congratulations!

One more problem, which is why I didn't give 5 stars, although the fifth will be added if the problem can be fixed: In part 3, I could not use the autopilot to maintain direction and altitude from Leg 4 on. I could press the button but the autopilot remained off. I changed the aircraft, used the C 172, deleted the SAVE files and started again. There the same problem occurred. Obviously the problem is in the programming of the trip.

Since my native language is German, I can follow the TTS badly and must read in the Navlog. In the process, I then pressed the pause button, because the aircraft, flown by hand, then needed more attention. Perhaps this can also be a suggestion to translate the text into other languages.

Just completed all 3 tour sections and enjoyed them immensely. Very good choice of routes and exciting with some real weather! I chose to fly the C208 instead of the default one, so had a slightly different look at the scenery but whichever aircraft is used, the overall bush trip is very challenging but fun. Thank you.

Hi. I have downloaded all 3 parts of this bushtrip, which looks fantastic and they all show in content manager as installed but they don't appear in the list of bush trips within the sim. Another community file bush trip item is working as normal so I am at a loss to know what might be wrong. I am updated to MSFS 6 which I suppose could be an issue. I would welcome your comments

This looks stellar! I will give it 5 stars because reasons, but I hate the DA40 (Top of canopy bugs the shit out of me lol) Is there anyway to use a different aircraft or are you stuck with that plane?

Where do I find the PDF and the Little Navmap files, please?

Hey mate, I am having an issue where it seems to be stuck at the loading screen (i.e. select part 1 from bush trip menu and sim not responding on rocky mountain splash screen). Could be a mod conflict - will disable all my other mods and report back....

These bush trip addons are so immersive and amazing! I would love to be able to make my own custom bush trip addon like this. Is there a tutorial somewhere how you can create such a tour?

Also I have downloaded the flight plans and have loaded them into LNM, and in MSFS I select part 1 of your bush trip, but the flight plan doesn't automatically load up into the G1000NXi for the DA-40. Is there a way to get the flight plan to show?

Thanks for creating this wonderful addon!

Thanks for your prompt reply to my question. Your solution worked. I had not scrolled down far enough and only read two of the five pages of notes.

As I had a planned tour on the Rocky Mountaineer cancelled in 2020 due to Covid, I'm thinking your tour is just what I need.

Looks like a 5 star after one leg but I will get back to rating after a few more legs.


I flew with Matteo Stevenazzi (co-author with me of the Italian Alps tour) the first two legs of the bush trip and I found the product very refined.

The landscape of the second stage is fabulous.

Unfortunately, in the second stage the TTS did not activate: the SIM detected the parallelepipeds of the TTS as "already crossed" even if obviously this was not the case. But I know well these difficulties (sometimes incomprehensible) and I know that they do not depend on you but on the development of the SIM.

Thanks for your great work: tomorrow we will continue the tour.


I really like your location for a bush trip tour, the Rocky Mountains. However I have flown leg one to Banff and the program doesn't recognize my successful landing. I have the suggested CYBA files. Using MSFS 2020 Premium, from the Microsoft Store. Any suggestions?



1 month(s) ago / Kiitti Pumbavu03

Great trip in my favourite area.

Hi there, just double checking .... do the flight plans also go into the community?

Looked forward to a beautiful trip in the Canadian Rockies (my favorite place to fly). Unfortunately, the file loads to about 60% and then stops. At this point I can only ctrl-alt-del to shut down MSFS. Tried three times -- any ideas?

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