--- Update ---

GAYA released a new version of that airport - WITHOUT static aircrafts! Yeah! I will remove this fix here soon when all platforms are providing the new version.



This small patch removes the static aircrafts on gates and stands of GAYAs LOWW Vienna International airport (Link) for a better online flying experience. No more "Errr.. Wien Ground, this gate is blocked by a static aircraft on my scenary - can you give me another gate please...."! 

The animated aircrafts in the maintenance area are still there and one GA aircraft in front of a hangar aswell. The gates or stands previously occupied by static aircrafts are still not selectable as a departure position on the world map. For arrivals these gates are working including jetways. 

Copy the directory in the ZIP file into the Community-Folder. 


  • This is tested with the stand alone version of the airport. MSFS ingame Marketplace version is untested.
  • This is not an official patch from GAYA and there is no support from GAYA around issues involving this patch! But GAYA is fine with having it here.
  • No files from the original GAYA scenary were modified.
  • If the patch is not working make sure that the patch is listed somewhere BELOW the depending airport scenery in the Content.xml of MSFS. The Content.xml is located here:

Sim from Marketplace:

Sim from Steam:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator