This little patch will remove the static aircrafts at OrbX Leeds Bradford Airport.

Stands which had statics on them will not be selectable as departures, as there is no underlaying parking information for the simulator (and cannot be added).
This stands can now be used as an arrival stand, though.


  • Copy the folder inside the zip into your community folder.
  • Please keep the leading "zzz", as the game will sort addons automatically in alphabetic order (if it is above OrbX airport it will not work)


  • The mod has only been tested with the standalone version
  • The original airport is not edited
  • No files / models from the original addon (or any other package) have been used
  • If this mod does not work make sure the package name is below the package from OrbX
    • This usually can be achieved just by keeping the leading "zzz"