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DNBOF - Weather Presets Pack

DNBOF - Weather presets pack Thirteen weather presets: Atmospheric - Big and dramatic clouds, great for screenshots especially around sunrise/sunsetBreezy - Surface = 225/10 knots, gusting 18 knots, 10,000 feet = 270/30 knots, no gusts, 30,000 feet = 270/50 knots, no gustsDe-icing - Utility preset...


DNBOF - Weather presets pack

Thirteen weather presets:

Atmospheric - Big and dramatic clouds, great for screenshots especially around sunrise/sunset
Breezy - Surface = 225/10 knots, gusting 18 knots, 10,000 feet = 270/30 knots, no gusts, 30,000 feet = 270/50 knots, no gusts
De-icing - Utility preset for those times when you cannot avoid freezing conditions, you don't have windscreen/airframe de-icing and just need a bit of heat to help you out with minimal loss of immersion. 60 degree C air temperature takes care of icing pretty quickly
Fog - Affects slant/horizontal visibility in the short to mid range
Light Snow Showers - Large but scattered low precipitation snow showers with light winds
Lying Snow - Snow on the ground, no wind and some high altitude cloud
Shallow Mist - Affects slant/horizontal visibility in the mid to long range
Small Heavy Showers - Smaller but bunched heavy showers with light winds (great in the Florida Keys)
Small Thunderstorms - Smaller but bunched thunderstorms with light winds
Snow Showers - Large but scattered high precipitation snow showers with light winds
Soaring Ridge - Medium sized Cumulus Clouds and wind 225/12 knots, no gusts. Good for ridge flying with a glider e.g. in the Alps.
Soaring Thermals
- Medium sized Cumulus Clouds and no wind. Good for thermal soaring with a glider e.g. Namibia (get in under a cloud for thermal lift)
Thunderstorms - Large but scattered high precipitation thunderstorms with gusty winds
Windy - Surface = 225/25 knots, gusting 40 knots, 10,000 feet = 270/60 knots, no gusts, 30,000 feet = 270/80 knots, no gusts

DNBOF-X - Experimental weather presets

Experimental presets which are location specific. Load into those ICAO locations listed in the preset name and select the corresponding preset. Feedback gratefully received.

Fly out of or nearby EGLC (London City Airport) and you use the preset Supercell EGLC you'll find a large supercell to the west of the airfield that covers London and will even affect some operations even at EGLL (Heathrow). Hint: You might need a bigger boat ;-)

And try flying down to Miami International (KMIA) from Palm Springs in something turboprop or a jet and use the Hurricane KMIA preset.

In both cases, you can modify their position in the world by editing their lat/long in the .WPR files before loading the sim.


Simply unzip the downloaded file and place the folder dnbof-weather-presets-pack into your Community folder and start-up MSFS2020. Presets will then be available in the weather preset drop-down list. Have fun!

weather DNBOF snow rain thunderstorm hurricane soaring
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January 12, 2021
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Hi! Is it normal that when I put a supercell in a preset, regular clouds don’t look the same as they use to?

Cannot see this add-on no matter what I try. It's unzipped and in my MSFS Community folder but when I launch either of the suggested test sites in MSFS, (Miami or London) I get none of this programs options in my pre-set weather pull down. Just the default ones.

I have MSFS update 10 installed.



3 month(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

Well,I reinstalled it but to no avail,sim update 10 beta still renders thermal preset useless.Hopefully,the real update 10 might allow it to work,otherwise its back to the old drawing board for thermals..............................................



3 month(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

Okay I only learned about this mod today, but as a weather nerd, I have to say I LOVE the direction this is taking the game in. The presets all look really well done! The supercell looks SUPER fantastic! I can't get underneath it though since its broke e.e... I look forward to see what you can come up with to make this mod even better!

something strange has occurred,I'm now on sim update 10 beta and thermal preset no longer works.I'll try reinstalling and see if that helps..................................



9 month(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

Thanks a lot for this presets. Some are very dramatic and gives the flights a special feeling. Atmospheric is a very special look for mood and eyes and a great addition for screenshots.

Well done!



9 month(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

Thank you, I really appreciate this. Some of these clouds are simply terrifying. Making me question, do i dare go through it or do i avoid possible disaster.

Is it possible to do location-specific where you have several different types of weather in an area that are just 10-15 miles apart? I ask because in San Diego, CA, we have a common weather pattern where it is overcast (marine layer) all along the coast from the Pacific Ocean inland for about 2-3 miles, then clear skies farther inland/East and finally, thunderstorms over the mountains even farther East.

hi i downloaded this preset but does this affect live weather ?



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

Just tried thermals with two different gliders,wasn't expecting such a dramatic cloudscape.Perhaps you could do a few less dramatic ones in a future update...........................EDIT:-I've since tried it away from the chosen airfield and it only seems to work in the originating area.As soon as I leave that area it ceases to function,I also notice that you have the temperature maxed out.Is this how you're doing it?



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

Ahahhh AMAZING One !!!! I only tried the EGLC preset yet, I looove it 😀 the Supercell song Incredible!! I wish Live Weather could do that!!! btw, How Did you done that? 😀 any plans for more? myabe a Supercell with a Twister someday near Wakita? lol. Looking forward for more !!!!!



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

I'm about to 'follow' my son as he embarks on a world cruise (as lead vocalist) starting in Fort Lauderdale. I'm looking forward to checking out that hurricane lol! Thanks for your work on these presets.



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

Thanks for great these presets, really great work!

Edit: this hurricane is scary as hell!




1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

These are great. The sims default weather presets are a bit basic. These really add something special. I particularly like the location specific weather events. The supercell of the midwest is particularly impressive. It'll be interesting to see what becomes possible with the weather as the sim develops



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

I have a special request if you have time. In florida, it's common to get scatter showers. On some days something really interesting happens. You'll have a bunch of small showers, maybe half a mile in diameter, and they'll be spaced about 2 miles apart from each other. You end up having to weave around all these small showers to avoid them and it creates a really fun and interesting environment.

I was wondering if that kind of thing can be recreated with your methods, because it can't with just the in game options.



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

is this one flawlessly working with SU6?



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

This looks amazing, have gotta try this out.



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

This weather preset is on another level . I am using Mid range pc and sim looks awesome in this Weather preset .



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF


This is an amazing (best of all IMHO) weather addition for FS2020!

Do you know when it will be updated for V5?

Sincerest thanks for the addon and your time 😊



1 year(s) ago / Kiitti DNBOF

Thanks, I love your Atmospheric setting, 5 stars

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Ehdotukset, viat ja ideat tulevaisuutta varten.

  • Version 1.10.1 September 25, 2022

    Minor fix

  • Version 1.10 September 24, 2022

    Tweaked soaring presets following SU10

  • Version 1.9 December 03, 2021

    Removed some experimental presets
    Added two soaring presets, one for ridge flying and one with actual thermals under clouds

  • Version 1.8 October 31, 2021

    Added experimental location specific preset for Miami International (KMIA) with a hurricane

  • Version 1.7 August 25, 2021

    Added experimental location specific presets including supercell storms

    Presets with ICAO locations in their names are to be used when loading into the sim or transiting to those locations. You will not be able to miss a supercell close by

  • Version 1.6 June 01, 2021

    Added "Convective Day" preset
    Added "Light Snow Showers" preset

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