Thanks! Yes, unfortunately many cities were scanned in the fall and that is very evident in the colors. You can't make green without the rest of the landscape (buildings, for example) becoming discolored ... (And unfortunately, many people don't understand that)

No, it’s not your fault - I really didn’t make night lighting, as each lamp would have to be added one at a time, so it would take weeks per city. Sorry!

Awesome. I have a map key of the hospitals locations I made, screenshots from google earth of each hospital helipad, and some basic development notes I made to keep semi organized as I was fiddling around with it. I use the Drzewiecki Washington scenery and I was just begging to experiment. I could put this in a rar file and can get it to you if you think it would help.

That's right. Can you see under "halifax-1/scenery" folder a "halifax-1-objects.bgl" and a "halifax-1-modelLib.BGL" files?

The first is Main.zip. The second is halifax-2_BK_0H.zip - Download it! 😊

That is great. I am looking for some camera adjustments

N790SW was actually delivered in the old scheme. I was one of the first flight attendants to work on it. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6075818

That would be awesome. Herb is pretty important to me. He sat in on my interview at WN years ago. A real standup guy. I know this is going way back but with WN got the 737-700 initially, they were painted in the old desert scheme. Like this one but not metallic with the white around the window frames. I know I requested one already, but would you consider doing that one too? I spent a lot of my adult life riding on that old paint scheme. Still miss it to this day.

I can confirm that the super warrior and the magister aren't compatible and lead to a ctd. Hopefully, this will be fixed because I like both.

The camber of the wheels seems to me too accentuated on this latest version

I just got your bridge and I love it. Very pleasant to the eyes. But one thing, could it be possible to set light, a little bit like the Golden State and maybe some red beacon on top. Anyway, thank.

His cabin is ACJ model so as we don't have it yet for the fenix it wouldn't be possible to do it. excuse

Thanks must be my setup then as the hard stand outside the CPA hangar has two levels with the pickup and aircraft sitting below my aircraft sitting on the hard stand at spot 5. I can't attach a picture here but have a couple that i captured. I'll try and reinstall and see if that helps.

2 zip files? I only had one called Halifax-1

In my case the model spawned by ELT is correct but not the livery, it takes the default FBY Neo. If I only use AIG traffic with real time on without ELT the livery and model appears correct. This occurs with Viva Aerobus, a mexican airline.

The mod is incredible, finally live traffic. If I can help testing for further updates just tell me please.

Thank you for sharing, i gues you need always run the exe file there always, before you loading the sim?

Updated to include the FES and a few new liveries.


Could you please do the wingtips in yellow or red ?

As usual, it's perfect. Thank you so much for your hard work. I enjoy so much flying around the city.👍👍👍👍

Hello. Good Job!!! I like this add on so much. Is there a hot air balloon livery available...? Balloons are shown as a A320 jet.


A lot of things can be done (with a few limitations), after all, it is only a glTF 3D model... The problem is that there are only 24h in a day!

Version with compatibility Super Warrior is ready. Version 1.1.

I think N932PS was an MD-81 (N943PS was an MD-82). Looks good though. Mouth is a little odd maybe (how it gets wider at the bottom).

I have included the configuration settings I am using in the FMS in the mod screenshots up there ^^ Hope that works for ya -Mike

I'm honestly not very good at adjusting default camera views. I usually wait for Archer's camera mods. Here's a link to his uploads. He doesn't have a TB-30 mod just yet, but he'll probably add one eventually. https://flightsim.to/profile/Archer374/uploads

I have -15 FPS with Standby Instrument ON, same issue like with Kodiak. I have to pull SPARE CB to fix that before every flight.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to set up an option

Glass Standby and New Overhead

Not found. Where should I go to the PDMG setup?

Well thank you for creating an amazing product and the help along the way! Thanks for stopping by 😊

go into the content file (.cfg file) and delete the line of SS-KOMA-Static-Aircraft. Load back into the sim once thats done and see if that fixes it.

That sounds more like the MSFS spinning plane bug, and the only change on that one was moving the parking spot a bit, so it shouldn't cause any issues like that, but I'll test. Thank you for letting me know.

Hi, I just took the request for the D.C. hospitals. I put ETA on Aug 1 but it won't take that long. I have LA pretty much complete and a few pads left in Tampa. I'm hoping to start D.C. in 1 week. I haven't looked at area hospitals yet so send me the ones you would like me to start first.

Thanks! and thanks for the donation, honored to be sponsored by Hype. I have the LA pack complete, I think. One more test this week and I'll upload. Also have 2 more Tampa pads ready to publish. Once Tampa is done I'm off to D.C. for another request

Amazing work as always! The timing could not be better. There was a version of this livery made for the Headwinds a330 and I used to love flying with it. Just a few weeks ago, one Headwinds updates cause the livery to have some mirroring issues especially around the engines... so you helped bring a slice of Springfield back to the sky. Thank you!

hey when i make th flight plan in the menu it's not load in the screen can you help me pleas?

El escenario es excelente, tristemente los FPS bajan de 90 a abajo de 15 cuando se ve hacia la terminal, no me pasa con ningun otro aeropuerto, puede que sea problema de la SU9

Looks like it's an SU9 issue, i'm having it too, the FPS drop from 90 to 15 when approaching the airport, hopefully they'll release a fix

Amazing work Simtom. I love that little yellow nose. Very boopable.