for Microsoft Flight Simulator Viimeaikaiset keskustelut

Lyhyt katsaus siihen, mitä yhteisössämme tapahtuu.

Thank you very much for this great livery! 😊


is there actually sky divers jumping from this plane.



Was wondering if you had seen this, note the name "Mortimer Snerd" on the right fuselage side above the stacks. (I tried to attach a photo but it wont let me-)

Thanks, it goes livery by livery. The default ones called "classic" will have the old-school sperry pilot.

I don't use PayPal so I can't help you.

I have not downloaded this file yet, but I plan to soon. I moved to Hurricane just over a year ago from IL where I flew in RL. I fly the CRJ900 in the Skywest anniversary livery. You may see me there as Mustang2424. Thanks for making this as there are several buildings missing.

yes thank you i got the feedback on this problem, the longitude is also concerned and certainly others who have the same avionic. i corrected everything as soon as the public update is released

Hi, love your comment thank you for the feedback 😊

Hi, thank you for this nice scenery.

On Google Earth there are now new 3D images of Biel, also with larger coverage.

Would it be possible for you to uptade this scenery to these new images?

Ja, danke. Die Einsätze kenn ich und hab ich auch installiert.

Nur mit Krankenhäuser zwischen Karlsruhe und Freiburg sieht es mau aus.

Wir schon noch jemand angehen. Bin leider nicht so der Programmierer.

Muy buena librea, gracias. ¿Podrías hacer una de Salvamento Marítimo?

well that was probably not a heart I downloaded it and flew it but he didn't make a heart the auto pilot so it immediately against holes it's a shame I tried it 4 times with one success


first : great work dude.

Second : I can't understand what to do during part 2, I land every where there were a wp on the GPS but, even if Philippe tell me goes there and there, nothing happen. Did I missing something ?

That's insane, but you can fly throught it. I though something goes wrong with scripting but, this can be done

I'm having an issue in which not all airports are identified by this utility

I give you NZQN for example

May you add some sample screenshots of the platform(s) you find that bad, to the user gallery?

oh ! I'm losing my mind, working on several scenes at the same time, thanks a lot.

Wow!! that cliff looks imposing with photogrammetry! At the Canary Islands there are several cliffs areas in photogrammetry that would be starling to fly around. Cheers 😊

It is not the flag France but Spain that it is necessary for this scene

Love this - any chance to add the amphibian Kodiak as well?

Hi, sorry at the moment I'm already busy with many other liveries projects. You may contact other people who have already posted liveries for this aircraft on flightsim.to Some of them are making liveries "on request".

Thank you so so so much!!! I love United's Milky Run... definitely, we needed this.... Thanks once again!

great modification, how can i switch to standard navigation system, without garmin 530

This update (1.1) removes my pushback tugs on ALL airports :'(

Je trouvais aussi que cela manquait (les trains)

Ciao Erasam, con SU11 riscontro ancora problemi con la torre su 119.655. E' sempre in modalità semplificata: sta al pilota indicare le preferenze di entrate e uscita invece che essergli assegnate.

The best photogrammetry I've seen so far! Realistic down to the smallest detail. Beautiful to watch, especially with a slow-flying helicopter.

I'm looking forward to more such wonderful sceneries.

Thanks alot!

So, Things have been progressing nicely with the development of the FBW A320nx. I wonder if there is scope to consider updating or reviewing the functionality of this addoon (me praying yes!). I find that the dome light has stopped working (a minor issue) - but wish we could use the template and script on other aircraft as well.

Thank you for doing this, will try and rate it there.


oOo, so that what you ment. I think I miss understood you earlier. I will of course change the VDGS to their correct place. Thank you so much for your input <3

The new version will probably come sometime today.

I just made a new version of this profile which has GSX VDGS added.

yup I got the default camera zoom wrong in 1.7.3, and that's something I've fixed in the forthcoming update. My mistake was to have a personal custom zoom set in my MSFS settings so when I configured the zoom in the AS33 cameras it looked wrong for anyone without my personal settings. Thanks @Georg for first pointing out the issue. In the meantime you just need to mess with the camera, maybe set a custom view, but the upcoming release will make more sense.

Hallo, ich habe eben nochmal getestet:

Was aktuell mir noch auffiel:

  • bei Nacht ist der Flughafen sehr dunkel, da erkennt man fast gar nichts, er sollte heller sein
  • Terminalgebäude und Parkbereich um Gate 51+61 ist unbeleuchtet
  • Parkhaus leuchte am Tag wie von Flutlicht angestrahlt und in der Nacht sehr hell.
  • das Tower Blinklicht (grün/weiß) ist nicht zentral über dem Turm und hat keine Lampe
  • Gate 51 Jetway dockt nur "fast" am A320neo an - 30cm Lücke
  • Gate 61 Jetway zu weit draußen, so dass der Flügel an der Haltelinie fast den Jetway berühren
  • Gate 61 Jetway dockt nicht am A320neo an - ca. 2,5m Lücke
  • Beschriftungen der Parkposition 42 noch nicht vorhanden
  • ILS 09 ist in Vergleich zu Version 3.0 nicht mehr nutzbar. Der FBW A320 setzt jetzt 50m links neben der Landebahn auf der Wiese auf (bei 100% LOC und Glideslopeausrichtung)
  • ILS 27 der Sender erscheint erst ca. 9NM vor der Piste. Bei anderen ILS Sendern kann man teilweise ihn 20-25 NM anpeilen. Dafür passt die Centerlinie zu 100%!

Vielen Dank für deine Arbeit!!!

you might need to watch the youtube videos on this AS33. The nav panel is pretty simple but you need to use the bottom right knob to scroll through the waypoints until the one you're aiming for is set as the current waypoint. You probably flew through some waypoint while your departure airport was still set as the current waypoint. Once you set the correct waypoint, and fly through that, the nav panel will click on to the next and so on.

On all W-and S-stands the vdgs is next to the yellow sign

In the MK-studios scenery next to the the yellow sign, you can see the metal bars where the vdgs is supposed to be located. At all the older terminal stands, the vdgs is at it's correct position above the sign. Could you move the vdgs on the metal bars?

Here it would be IRL:

Thanks in advance!

Отличная работа! Спасибо за труд. Внимание к мелочам приятно радует.

Thanks so much for taking the time to point that out, I looked at the buttons all over the interface but missed the horizontal scroll bar and never saw the extra columns. I give you 10 out of 5 stars!

there's an update coming for the AS33 that takes advantage of what support there is in the MSFS 40th Anniversary update, plus other improvements.

Amazing airport scenery as always. This project is full of commitment and I really appreciate your dedication towards Indian sceneries in general. It would be so amazing if you can consider working on perhaps more of the North-Eastern airports for which there are no custom projects yet like Imphal or Guwahati (VEIM or VEGT)

Thank you very much for your kind words! Yes we still got a lot of work to do, but we are slowly getting there.