lovely piece of work sir, you won't be doing birr airfield by any chance? i do go there quite often and the default version in the game isn't quite right... the elevation is also a biteen off too. happy halloween

Thank you so much!

I flew this aircraft last year and it was horrible experience. I did another try with your mod and now this bird is a part of my hangar 😁

Great Captain !

Will be soon updated (aprox. sunday afternoon)

Just replace coui://missions/Common/LOADING/BOOT/background_loading.jpg by an image of your choice (3840 x 2160 96 dpi)

Ah, good stuff!

Have you checked the spelling carefully? I think it's


You don't need any other file only the no runway file

Using latest default mesh version I'm seeing badly morphing mountain and trees blocking runway threshold. Any chance of a fix for these?

Are you trimming the elevator properly? It's not like an A320 where you hold the stick where you want it for a few seconds and the plane auto-trims the elevator to that position so you don't have to maintain pressure on the controls. That's all on the pilot in this plane. Remember- if your airspeed is changing, your trim needs to be changing (to maintain the same AOA)

Very nice. It does indeed work. So nice to have gates at the airport. Now if we could just get the 417 bridge over Lake Jessup to be over water 😊

merci pour te réponse,

en faite je possède lsgg redwings avec le jet d'eau déjà modéliser, et mtn avec ta mise a jour du jet d'eau j'ai deux fois le jet d'eau, celui de redwing lsgg et le tiens, un possibilite de faire un mise a jour comme tu as fait pour redwing hug stp ?

The second leg no landing detect on helipad.

When I select the Custom (openflightmaps) in the Theme menu, the Littlenavmap crashes incidently. I have the latest version 2.6.17

Gotta make sure you turned on all 6 fuel pumps as well as fuel crossfeed

The plane has a center of gravity problem.

I can't adjust. It's also with the AirKing 350's dashboard.

I need help with his FIX

The project is registered freeware.Only can download.

The original plane is from the developer: By Milton Shupe Sim-Outhouse.

contact me at fisicorj at live dot com or my discord https://discord.gg/HNBfQf8z7Q

Before complaining, help project. it's still a project. It's not 100% functional.

PS.: I encourage anyone who can convert the model to the 2020 native format.


This Addon was made by Milton Shupe for FSX and converted to MSFS. Permission to upload this fix file was obtained by Milton Shupe.

(no where dose he say how to fix it he just states it broke lol)

this scenery is fantastic, thank you so much!

Thanks for the update, works perfectly now. My fav aircraft back to its full glory.

The main screen is a much needed improvement over the default main screen. Great idea and great work. What I would like to see is an alternative version that would make no changes to the sim until the main screen is reached. Just sitting and watching a static cockpit is not very welcoming. Perhaps, a way to use a different picture, or a selection of pictures, while the sim is loading would improve the aesthetics of the mod.

I just completed the download thru my browser, no problem!

Problem solved! Many thanks to the whole team for this wonderful helicopter!

😒 Did I leave the iron on?

There is no plane on a winch launch, its just a winch at the end of the runway

It's amazing. Thank you very much! Greetings from Vienna!

Please update this and add the wizzair.com text on the sharklets please. It's an amazing livery :3


Désole je ne sais pas convertir mes scenery fsx dont EBLG .

Si quelqu'un sais le faire qu'il me contact .

Beb (Papy31)

Thank you! We have already updated Halifax to improve performance significantly

i ve some problems with autothrust without autopilot. Seems doesn't work for me