Viimeaikaiset keskustelut

Lyhyt katsaus siihen, mitä yhteisössämme tapahtuu.

You do know that you need to buy it right? And that no one's going to give it for free.

danke! Langfristig ja, vorerst haben wir aber andere im Sinn!

I hope that yo ulike it. I'm fighting with the animation export. I hope to get success soon.

Thank you for the sugestion, but I already did it yesterday. Is the last version.

Eelde AirPort werkt bij mij zonder problemen in SU5

sorry im quite an amateur when it comes to this stuff, is it possible to isolate liveries so for example im in australia and primarily fly in aus, can you just have aus airlines so you dont get delta B738s? thank you

I use this scenery adonn since i updated to SU5 and don’t have and problems with this scenery

How do you install this?

Moving the unpacked lirf-folder to community doesn't work

All Sorted bar Canadian North as no liveries are currently available

Will there be an update soon to make the carriers compatible with sim update 5?

Avion compatible avec la mise à jour de Microsoft.5.

Un très bon avion super maniable le roi du passage sous ponts st viaducs !!!!

Merci aux concepteurs de ce super projet.

virustotal.com doesn't show any response to the file, so i'd guess its a Windows Defender "false positive".

Many thanks for the upload here ! I use the GitHub version since months, it is my main plane, I love it 8)

There were some updates with SU5, and it was hard to follow them, having to launch GitHub each time. With flightsim.to notifications it will be far much easier !

Instead of waiting for me to do something, please investigate yourselves and report any findings back here for the benefit of all BMG users. Thanks in advance. BR, f99mlu

I fly this plane for months now, just love it !

I can confirm even the latest versions work without the G3X improvement.

I have trouble with my own sim at the moment.. heaps of CTDs. Hard to troubleshoot stuff right now. So, if you have problems with your trips and challenges, please have a look at the generated files before compiling to see if there is anything strange. If not, and you still experence issues.. Could it be the SU5???

BMG only generates the "source" files. The SDK compiler then processes the files and creates an addon package.

Glad you enjoyed it. You will come across some altitude instructions on some of my bush trips - usually when you need to climb in perparation for a mountain crossing or something similar (depending on how necessary I though the instruction might be). I will shortly be uploading the next lot of bush trips although SU5 seems to have caused some issues with bush trips (for me the VFR map doesn't show anything which means I can't test out the newer trips I am working on)

Since latest update looking from inside pilot figures head, creepy and impossible to see panel

This already exists : see touching cloud website

The generic Voest in msfs looks like a residential area and housing complexes. Not sure why anyone would prefer that to the actual towers and obstacles in photogrammetry.

Read the description above:

"Set custom installation folder (via settings: Ctrl+S)"

Align IRS not working after update V

You'll browse to your desired addon & hit "download" as before, and WindSailor handle that download in the background and put it in the desired place (Community-Folder or "Custom" - Strg+S for settings)

Hi mate,

Thanks for the comment and the stars. The roof has been that pinkish colour for several years now. You can check with Google or Bing maps.

Hi, I really want to try this, but I am not sure how it works. Is there a manual or something?

I opened flightsim.to but works just like a browser and couldn't download anything.


If you find other problems since the update, please report 😉

Update: Fixed the missing texture on the old livery. ASCRJ700_EXT_DECAL_FUSE_SOLID_A.PNG was missing. I just copied the same file from the newer texture over.

Still have not figured out a way to get the new livery to show.

Świetne malowanie ale po ostatniej aktualizacji MFS2020 nie są pomalowane skrzydła

So installed and worked with Live traffic Vatsim shoud be worked also but i got crashes when closing the Sim

I downloaded the new v0.3.1 and made sure that was the only thing installed in community folder.

If I start at parking, anytime I enter runway 14/32 from a taxiway it crashes as soon as I cross onto the runway. I tried this from taxiway B4, B3 and B1. Before updating I also tried it and crashed crossing onto 14/32 from A2. If I spawn on the runway there is no crash. Flying at Astoria without the scenery it does not crash, but sure doesn't look as good. I have been using the C172 without the G1000. Also, just as a point of reference, I've been flying daily since the hotfix and have not had any other crashes yet (though there are other issues).

Latest DEV also crashed to desktop for me, empty community folder as well.

Thank a lot for all your DEM mods Troglodytus! Flying in the mountains is much, much more fun now! 😊

Is there any chance you could improve the Himalaya in the future? Nepal could really use a makeover. Is there data available for it?

Anyway, thank you very much again for what you already did. Dankeschön!