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Version 0.13.8037.42
Ensimmäinen versio julkaistu October 11, 2020
Viimeksi päivitetty January 02, 2022
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49,130 | XIII General

Yhteensopivuus Sim Update 7
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  • Version 0.13.8037.42 January 02, 2022

    hmm.. no comment, another litte fix. It came to my attention that some people changed their default preset folder to be the same as their addons folder. The backup process backups the preset folder (should be only a few tiny-K) but if you have set it to be the same as your addons folder it will backup all your addons .. this explained why very few people thought the application was hanging, it was probably copying lots of file.

    If you have changed your preset folder and saw long loading time the first time you launched the version of december 31st, please check your C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker\Backup folder. It will maybe contain a backup folder that takes lots of space and that you can safely delete to preserve disk space.

    [IMPROVED] Backup process now backups only the small files needed even if the folder contains tons of other files.

    Sorry again for the multiple releases ! This backup option added on dec 31st was probably my worst idea of 2021 ahah :)

  • Version 0.13.8037.33 January 02, 2022


    HOTFIX of the HOTFIX

    BIG SORRY for the multiple versions in a few days span, sometimes it's just a bit more complicated than it seems :)

    I have had a few reports of users that were stuck on the loading screen with the latest version because of the newly implemented automatic backup process. This probably occured to less than 1% of the users but still a fix was really needed.

    For info, the backup process only backups some very small files just to make sure you don't loose your configured data (ini file, presets, custom data).

    [CHANGE] The automatic backup process is not enabled by default anymore for EVERY users (even if you already used it), please enable it again in the options screen if you're interested in that feature (i think it's a good idea to have it enabled).

    [IMPROVED] the backup folder is now configurable

    Hopefully this version will be ok for everyone and 'hotfix of hotfix of hotfix' will not be needed for a while :)

    Thank you for your support and special thanks also to the guys who helped me debug this issue.

  • Version 0.13.8035.30 December 31, 2021

    Sorry, a little hotfix is needed for the version uploaded earlier today.

    [HOTFIX] Backup settings were not saved
    [HOTFIX] Filter editor screen was crashing in all version after 0.12 (some DLL were missing, so make sure you copy the full content of the ZIP file and not only the EXE when you update)

    Happy new year (again) :)

  • Version 0.13.8035.23 December 31, 2021

    Little maintenance release to improve/add a few things requested after the last week's version.

    [NEW] Possiblity to increase the font size for the whole application (experimental). This is available in the options screen (last tab).

    [NEW] Auto-backup function to save your settings every X days (configurable on the options screen, last tab). Can be useful to avoid loosing data for example if you move your custom addon directory. By default, the setting is ON.

    [TEST] You can add new points manually on the map (right click 'add user point'). Not sure if this will be useful or not so, for now, the option to edit, delete or import user-points is not available (you will have to edit the C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker\Data\MapDataUser.bin file manually, edit only when the tool is closed). This could be useful for example if you want to add your encrypted bought addons on the map.

    [IMPROVED] The DPI aware option for 4K monitors was introduced and ON by default in the previous 0.13.x version. It's now an option (last tab of the options screen) so you can enable or disable it as you wish (by default it's disabled). The options was refined since last version and it should increase text clarity on 4K monitors without generating small text on some labels but, due to the numerous possible configurations, for some users it will maybe be better to leave it disabled even if you are on a 4K monitor (big thanks to the guys who gave me feedback about this). If you don't use high-DPI monitors, leave this unchecked.

    [IMPROVED] disabling addons from the community folder now supports multi-selection

    [IMPROVED] The 'treeview' with your custom addons now supports 'incremental search'. Pressing a key on the keyboard will place the treeview to the addon that starts with those characters. To switch from one nested level to the other, you need to use CTRL+DOWN_ARROW (or CTRL+UP_ARROW to move backwards)

    [IMPROVED] You can now disable the size of addons and free disk space shown on the main panel (options screen, 2nd tab at the bottom)

    [MINI] Added 2 buttons in the toolbar at the top (options screen in first position, xml editor near the end)

    [MINI] The map now also shows the location of the encrypted premium/deluxe Asobo airports if you have the premium or deluxe edition and have enabled the 'show official airports' option in the optiosn screen (3rd tab).

    [MINI] If the option to show the 'official/onestore' airports on the map is checked in the options screen, it's now possible to temporarly hide them on the map with a little checkbox in the expandable panel located at the top-right of the screen.

    Happy new year everyone ! Take care !

  • Version 0.13.8030.23 December 26, 2021

    Hello guys, a somewhat smallish update with some little requests filled and little fixes.

    [NEW] Content.xml editor (Tools menu), see pic here for more info -> https://imgur.com/Ta7CbVZ

    [NEW] The map can now show addons stored in the official/OneStore folder (enable in options screen, 'map options' tab). Note : encrypted purchased addons can not be shown but if they are not encrypted they should show up.

    [NEW] You can now increase the font size of the 2 main view (Addons and Community) on the main screen. This is done in the options screen 'Additional options' with the 'Scale' sliders

    [NEW] 'Rating column' if you want to rate your addons visually

    [NEW] Map dots colors are now customizable in the options screen 'colors' tab (lots of work for not much gain for most users, but well we always forget our colorblind friends so that's for them). For colorblind people, it's also possible to set the image showing disabled addons as a CROSS instead of the RED circle that is probably hard for them to differentiate from the GREEN circle (options screen 'additional options' tab)

    [NEW] Option to disable a linked addon directly from the 'community' panel (right click)

    [NEW] Size of addons managed by the tool displayed at the top of the 'addon' panel (computed in the background to not slow things down) + show available disk space on the disk(s) storing your addons

    [NEW] new button in the toolbar to enable all persistent addons at once, new button in the toolbar to disable all addon except the persistent ones

    [IMPROVED] Text clarity should be improved on high DPI (4K) monitors ... [HOTFIX 27.12.2021] some text looks better but it also seems that some other text is now rendered very small by this change if you have a 4K monitor, if you are suffering from this, you can restore the old screen appearance by replacing the official EXE with this one --> https://gofile.io/d/cOmYOb

    [CHANGE] By default file stats (size / number of files / creation date / updated date) is now disabled for everyone in the main panel because it can increase the loading time a bit if you have tons of addons. If you still want that info to be shown in the main panel, you can simply re-enable the option in the options screen (check 'enable file stats'). Note : The size and dates are always available and displayed in the grid view if needed so, if you need that feature occasionaly, it's probably better to use the 'grid view' instead of having that data always displayed in the main view if it slows down things for you.

    [CHANGE] The 'Exclude from preset' column has been renamed to 'Persistent'. As a reminder, by activating this option the addon will always remain selected even if you apply a preset that does not contain it, it will be disabled only if you disable it manually.

    [WIN11] You should get the nice rounded windows 11 borders with this version :) .. yeah USELESS but hey :) (this works only on Win11, that change has no effect on Win10)

    [FIX] Several little changes and fixes here and there

    Unfortunately, this project being developped in a not very professional way, i erased (saved another file with the same name on top of it by mistake) my little notepad file with all the notes of the changes i made and requests i had, so i can't exactly remember all the little changes i did in the past months, i also lost some of the requests i had written in that file (so if i promised you something telling you it should be easy and you never see it appearing inside the tool, feel free to recontact me via PM).

    Let me know if I broke something, always a possiblity. I'll try to fix quickly.

    Thanks again for your support and enjoy your holidays !!

  • Version 0.12.7883.20 August 01, 2021

    Hello, a very small little update to fix a few bugs and add a few small requests received in the past weeks.

    [NEW] Possibility to remove items that appear in the map's addon list (all addons tagged as SCENERY in the manifest.json file will appear on the map's list but sometimes they are not real scenery addons that can be placed on a map, you can now remove them from the list)

    [NEW] Possibility to show the 'active path' of the user aircraft on the map (can be enabled in the little right panel of the map screen if you want that)

    [NEW] Possibility to customize the colors for the grid showing the community folders content (a new tab 'colors' has been created in the options screen).

    [OPTION] By default the program you decided to launch automatically with the sim were always started minimized. There is now an option that will let you start them without being minimized (options screen, 'additional options' tab)

    [OPTION] Possibility to remove some warning messages (options screen, first tab -> 'disable warning for file operations')

    [IMPROVED] Added a new 'open folder' option in the 'community folder' panel right click menu

    [IMPROVED] Some texts were hard to read when 'dark mode' was enabled

    [IMPROVED] Showing size of the addons present in the community folder directly at the top of right panel (in earlier versions this information was only available in right click menu)

    [FIX] Some flightplans (PLN files) could not be loaded on the map and were causing an error message

    [FIX] The search box on the map was not showing even if checked when reopening the map screen (reminder : this option is only available if you set your own bing-map key in the options screen)

    [DOC] Added a few new links in the help screen (Thanks BadGamr, LostPilot, AdamskiNZ, Pacha35, JayDee, Judenilson, GilbertP, TheMaddog)

    [DOC] Added a PDF made by Pacha35 that can act as a little manual for starters. It' the first draft version that we will hopefully be able to complete with more info in the future. Many thanks for Pacha35, i know for sure that doing this kind of things takes a lot of time !

    Thank you !

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How to install / update ?

Simply unzip all included file in the zip in a folder of your choice. For updating, repeat the same process after deleting the files that came with the previous version.

Will my settings be kept after an update ?

Yes, the settings are saved in a different folder (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker). The presets are also stored in that folder by default but they might be in another folder if you changed their locations in the options screen (so make sure you don't delete them if you changed the location manually).

Can i save the columns order / size ?

yes, there is an option for that in the right click menu (save columns order / size). If you do that, the column order will be restored on the next restart of the tool

After launching the tool i see the icon in my taskbar but the screen does not show up (main screen of map screen), WTH ?

oops, the tool saves it's locations when closed. If you change monitor settings between 2 sessions (for example going form dual screen setup to a single screen setup) it might happen that the screen is restored outside of the boundaries of your current screen, so it will be there but you wont' see it :)

You can fix that easily by going to the configuration folder (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker), open the ini file with notepad and remove the tree lines below :


If you have the problem with the map's screen you need to remove this line :


On the next restart the app should show up correctly on your screen.

I'm getting 'can not read manifest.json file', addons do not work when moved outside of the community folder

This is unfortunately an issue some users having the MS-Store version faced. When addons are placed in the community folder they are somewhat encrypted (not exactly sure what Windows does). When you move them elsewhere, they don't work anymore. It seems to be a Windows limitation and there's not much we can do. For some users copying the addons instead of moving them fixed the issue but that doesn't seem to work for everyone. In the worst case you would need to redownload the addons having the problem and place them directly in your custom addon folder.

If you have the MS-Store version an plan to move all your files outside of the community folder, i strongly advise you to try first with a single addon to make sure it works. There are also some workaround you might try if moving doesn't work for you (feel free to contact me if needed).

I have a crash when .......

please send me a private message on this site (there is a little option 'private message to bad2000' in the action menu on the main addon page) with the detailed error message that you get. I'll do my best to try to fix

Can I apply multiple presets at once ?

yes, you can do that either by using the 'presets screen' available in the toolbar menu, in that screen you can select several presets and apply them at once. You can also use the button 'apply cumulative' at the bottom of the addons list. That button will apply the selection of the presets without removing the currently selected addons.

I get invalid links if i rename / remove addons via the Windows Explorer

this is normal because if you do operations via the Windows explorer the links can not be maintained (for renaming for example there is an option directly in the tool's right click menu, if you do that inside the tool the link will be maintained by the tool). Anyway if you get invalid links you can delete them easily with the right click menu 'delete invalid links' on the right panel (they can be spotted easily because they will be with a red background), then just recreate the link for the desired addon.

Where is the manual ?

there is none .. shame on me for sure ;) It should be fairly easy to use though and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

There are also some videos about the tool that have been popping up on Youtube, they can certainly help understanding the basics (many thanks to their authors).

Donations ?

Thank you very much about thinking about making a donation. I really appreciate that but it's ok, there's already so much stuff to pay for nowadays, just enjoy the little tool if you think it can be useful for you and don't worry about money.

How to uninstall everything / start new ?

To remove completely the application you need to remove two folders.

- the folder in which you unzipped all files

- the configuration folder that is created automatically when the tool is run for the first time and where your settings are saved (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker)

if you do that it will be like if you had never installed the tool.

Do I really have to launch the tool 'as admin' ?

The real reply would be NO. But well, it's a bit difficult, the more precise reply is 'not anymore since v0.8' but YES if you have already used older version of the tool.

Unfortunately it was required for earlier version (because the tool was creating links that needed admin rights, now not anymore). The fact that it was required in earlier versions means that now your configuration files are saved 'as admin' and if you run the tool 'not as admin' you wouldn't be able to update them so you are pretty much forced to continue running the tool as admin. It's a bit annoying.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info and don't want to run it 'as admin' anymore because it would be as simple as recreating your configuration files without admin rights.

Why do some addons show up in red ?

The red color is just a warning (everything will work fine). It indicates that you have two (or more) addons with the same name in different folders. Those are probably duplicates that need to be checked.


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2397 Kommentit


I cannot open the map since today.

I have deleted the 3 lines "Window ...".

I have replaced the .exe file with the test file.

No result.



3 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000
Hi. The program is great, But for the last few days it shows a blank white startup bar and then opens a large blank white screen that says: MS .... I have no idea what could have happened. Can it be fixed somehow? Uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing. It looks like something is suddenly missing from the system. Windows 10. Please help.



3 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

You can't do without it ....




3 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

Still the single most useful utility I have for MSFS

How many "Dependencies" can be set for a single scenery, some develpers seem to be throwing everthing into their releases ?



5 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

This app is one of the most useful apps i have found. Was going to write it myself, but this is so much better than I had time to do. Anyone with any add-on should use it



5 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

Since the last update the program starts up very fast, even with my addons on a NAS. Thanks again!



7 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

I get points on the map for asobo/microsoft airports but not payware. Just wondering is that by design?

Also when I change the "show official/onestore airports on map" option or click on full rescan I get a:

Access to the path 'C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker\Data\Tags.bin' is denied.

unhandled exception when I exit the options window that I don't get if I run the program as administrator.

If not running as administrator, I get an administrator permission popup to delete mapdata.bin, click continue, click confirm, but it still generates the access violation for tags.bin.

Great work on the program by the way. Thanks.



8 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

Hey guys,

I'm having some issues with this app. I've set up the two folders for the community as per the guide. However, the addon linker program doesn't show the disabled/enabled symbols next to my mod folders in the drop down list. Is there something i'm doing wrong?

Also my drop down list doesn't show the number of mods per folder as per the various guides i've seen.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks



8 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

This is a must have even with few add-ons. Im glad I used it early on because it really help to keep things clean and helps with the overview of all installed add-ons. And if there is a problem it´s simple to do a quick test without any add-ons o just the ones potentally causing the issue without moving GB of files.

Hey guys.

I have been using this sim since the moment it came out, and just now I learned that there are two community folders. I believe one is a virtual one correct? If that is not the case, I really don’t want to place anything on the one located on the C drive, for obvious reasons. I installed the GTN 750 folders that I downloaded from PMS5, and I placed them on my MODS folder located on another drive, not the C drive. I use addon linker so they were linked to the community folder located on the drive I have the sim installed, which is not, again, the C drive. Since I had some problems for the past 3 days updates with updates and downloads, now the GTN folders are not showing on the aircraft, not a single one, and I was told by the PMS5 guys that I have to install them on the correct folder using the correct path. So if the folders were showing before while located on the MODS folder and they were showing linked to the community folder on my H drive, why are they not showing now and why do I have to install them on the C drive?

Thanks for any help on this



12 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

Wonderful, The best addon manager! . thank you. One question ... I have created user point (black point) right click on addon maps> Custom data> create user point at this location.

Please how can I remove it? I have not found the way. Again, thank you very much



13 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

Everything is working fine with latest version

Many thanks for your support



13 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

Great peace of work. I have a question , it is possible to have the presets as a shortcut in windows desktop? Thanks

When you speak about persistent files, I guess this is files to permamently load when using MFS such as libraries for example. I don't find how to proceed to create and select this persistent file list. Thanks in advance for reply 😃

Is there a way to disable generating a backup of layout.json when using the model lib renamer? I find that it I never have issues with the way the program edits the layout.json but the generated backup does cause problems with filesize (especially on larger addons) and gets in the way with generating the layout.json again later using a different program, so I usually end up deleting the bak_ai files myself every time I run it.



16 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

I can't over state how grateful I am. I had two addons that wouldn't work - no matter what I did (all my other addons work). One was Buffalo Landmarks, and the other was a custom project I created of POIs -- no matter what I did they wouldn't work. Well, that was a blessing because it led me to the discovery of this amazing program. For whatever reason, while they wouldn't work, they work using this program. But not only that, this program is just amazing. THANK YOU!

How can I rate my scenery again? I have been looking everywhere. It would be nice to rate how good the scenery is.



17 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

Such an amazing addon! Thank you! Is there a specific procedure to update? I don't want to break it.



18 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

As of today Addons Linker suddenly opens with blank windows only. Now I know how much I miss this great little app 😊 Only things that changed: there was a MSFS udate today and I changed Windows from local to English language.



18 day(s) ago / Kiitti bad2000

This tool is really an *extraordinary* piece of work, thank you very much for it!

With a little trick I use its capability to activate or deactive links to the COMMUNITY folder to slim the ONESTORE-Folder, too:

Suppose that you bought several addons via the Microsoft-Store, which are installed automatically in your ONESTORE-folder. But, if you want to fly e.g. over Europe, you need not to preload all your addons from the US. Here is what to do to preload only the addons for Europe then. For each addon you have to…

-   Move (not copy) the addon out of the ONESTORE-folder anywhere else, say "A".

-   Let "B" be the location from where you chose your addons in the MSFS-addons-linker. Then create a hardlink (mklink /J <from> < to>😉 from "B" pointing to "A".

What's nice: in "B" you may even rename that addon.

-   Now create a second hardlink pointing from ONESTORE\. to COMMUNITY\. Note: i) the name of the hardlink in ONESTORE must be the original name of that addon, ii) the name in COMMUNITY is the name you gave it in the previous link, iii) it does not matter whether the target in COMMUNITY exists (yet).

-   Using MSFS-addon-linker you simply activate or deactivate your addon by selecting/deselecting it from B.

-   Note: the hardlinks in the ONESTORE folder stay there always. If you activate the addons via MSFS-addon-linker, the tool creates a new hardlink in COMMUNIITY and your addon is read in (using three links).

If you deselect the addon, the hardlink from ONESTORE has no target in the COMMUNITY folder. Then, MFSF finds nothing and proceeds without preload your addon (and without warning or error).

Unfortunatly this works only for additionally bought addons and not for standard-installation-files. If you try this procedure with standard-content, MSFS will realize that some files are missing and start an 'update'.

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