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#A32NX Drag and Drop

First, I would like to thank Edgar Guinart López of AEROPROYECTO for giving me permission to use his SSJ100 model. Thanks also to Rikoooo for the conversion from FS2004 to FSX Native. Also, thank you for TJCaviation for helping me with model tweaking in MCX.

Feel free to make liveries for this plane. Get blender file for repaint here.

This mod is still a WORK IN PROGRESS and I am working on this plane alone so please be mindful. If you want to help with the conversion, you can take a look at the GitHub page and contact me at Discord. I may not always available as I also have a full-time job.

Requires FlyByWire A32NX 0.6.1 STABLE (not DEV or EXPERIMENTAL) version.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 (Now only "Superjet 100" ) is a regional jet designed by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft. It replaces Tupolev Tu-134 and Yakovlev Yak-42, as well as competes with Embraer E190 and Bombardier CRJ1000. It is the first Russian airliners designed after the fall of the Soviet Union. It uses PowerJet (Joint Venture between Safran and Russia's NPO Saturn) SaM 146 to power the aircraft. While it receives some international orders, SSJ100 has trouble gaining popularity outside Russia due to spare parts issues.

So, this is my attempt at fully converting an entire aircraft instead of modding an existing one. Unfortunately, I don't have any 3D modeling so I decided on an FSX convert. The model originally released by AEROPROYECTO for FS2004 and later FSX. The cockpit uses the A32NX cockpit and includes the EFB and cup. The flight model, system, and other parts are based on A32NX with some considerable modification to match the dimension, stall speed, and performance during take-off, climb, cruise, descent, and landing as close to the information I can get from the SSJ100 FCOM and other online databases. It does take a considerable time so I cannot guarantee a study-level flight model and still some parts I would like to improve.

Includes 3 liveries; Aeroproyecto, Interjet and Aeroflot.

Simply drag and drop to the community folder to install the mod. Restart the game if necessary. Delete the corresponding CVT folder after each update.

Things to take note of:

There are some issues I cannot fix without help from anyone who has considerable experience in creating 3D model and sound of MSFS :

  • Since the plane still uses the old FSX .mdl model format, it comes with a number of limitation that tI cannot solve unless it is converted to .gltf format, which takes a considerable of time and I only asked Edgar for permission to use the model and not modifying it to another format. Limitation includes no contrail, jet heat, and proper door animation. This also affects the interactive point so the catering truck and jetway may attach to the wrong door. You need to press "open aft door" to open the cargo door.
  • As of right now, the cockpit sits higher than it should since I essential use the A320neo cockpit. As far as I know, there is no way to change the height without using 3DS max or Blender. Even so, Blender is not natively supported by MSFS.
  • Lights will also pass through the overhead panel parts of the wall because, by default, the interior model relies on the exterior model to block lights. Since the interior model and the exterior model do not match, by default, the external model is invisible when on cockpit view and vice versa. This also means some cockpit light will bleed out on the external view.
  • Sounds are a mix of the AEROPROYECTO SSJ100 v1 sound and A32NX sound package. I am not sure how to properly mix sound to get an accurate sound so this is the best I can do now. 

Issues that I am planning to fix once I have more time:

  • (Fixed) I am aware of the engine startup issue that Swiss001 has. If you start the fuel pump before the engine start, it should work as expected. I am investigating this issue though to see if I can replicate it.
  • (Fixed) Elevator movement seems to be limited and I have encountered cases where an excessive elevator is needed.
  • (Fixed) Flaps indicator in ECAM showing the wrong value.
  • Landing performance still a bit weird and I working on the correct lift and drag setting for the flaps at the higher positions.
  • Fuel prediction and (fixed) optimal cruise altitude calculation are still based on A320neo so it is inaccurate.
  • The reference speed values still need some tuning.
  • Standalone A32NX package so in event that you want to use the dev version of A32NX, the superjet function would not be affected. Unfortunately, the dev version progression is too fast for me to keep up so I will only support the stable version.
  • The fuselage texture is still 1K. I have worked on an upscaled, clean version of the texture but It has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated.
  • If you start mid-air or on the runway, the screen power-on time is considerably longer than in the A32NX ones.
  • The engine on time is longer than the A32Nx one and will sound like it failed to restart in the beginning. It will start properly after some time.
  • Lights may not be accurate. I still looking for reference pictures.

The mod is dual-licensed. The original model, textures, and sounds are under proprietary freeware license and should not be distributed outside this mod without permission from AEROPROYECTO. The panel, flight model, system, and other cfg files are open source under the MIT license and can be accessed via GitHub. The A32NX is open source under the MIT license. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator © Microsoft Corporation. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 convert project was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

This project has taken way too long honestly so I probably won't update it that often aside from some bug update for a few months due to personal issues.

Thank you for downloading this mod and I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Version 0.1.3 June 13, 2021

    - Fix external views such as engine, wing views, and tail views.
    - Added new SU4 parameter to the flight model
    - Fix flaps and slats position
    - Other flight model improvements
    - Fix the Upper EICAS flap indicator. Now it should be showing the correct flaps setting and position.
    - Optimal cruising altitude calculation is working now

  • Version 0.1.2 June 09, 2021

    - Change engine startup to be faster. It will still sound like it spooling down just before the engine finished starting up.
    - Change APU bleed to N2 table value so higher N2 can be reached during startup
    - Change elevator area and deflection angle
    - Change flaps 2 from 16 degrees to 17 degrees.

  • Version 0.1.1 June 07, 2021

    - Add A32NX checklist instead of default A320neo checklist
    - Fix copilot, close, and landing cockpit camera

  • Käynnistetty June 06, 2021

    Tämän tiedoston ensimmäinen versio on juuri julkaistu. Tervetuloa mukaan!

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Here is the blender model for the plane. https://flightsim.to/file/16281/sukhoi-superjet-100-blender-friendly-model-for-re-paint.

Sorry but I can't find white livery for the FSX version so I have to make it myself and I am busy with work so It is going to take sometime

Looks great. Kind of a bummer that it requires A32NX though. I don't use it because it interferes with other planes (like the PMP A330).

Here is the blender model for the plane. https://flightsim.to/file/16281/sukhoi-superjet-100-blender-friendly-model-for-re-paint.

Sorry but I can't find white livery for the FSX version so I have to make it myself and I am busy with work so It is going to take sometime

Beautiful aircraft, with a very pleasant flight. Waiting for the next updates. 😊

great model. pfd not working unfortunately. maybe some issue with the a32nx? keep up the great work!

Downloaded a few days ago, seems nice, hopefully, we will get a custom cockpit in the future!

i can't get this to show up in the sim after putting it in the folder

it wil be werry chch apricated with a few word in a changelog 😀

Hi and thank you for this work! In my case the PFD/ND and MCDU doesn't work, any ideas?

Short question about all airplane mods and how do I set that I can see the screens on modded airplanes and that they also work

Can you fix the GPWS?

pls change version develoment


could you publish liveries like KLM Cityhopper?

Nice Plane! , but could you improve the shadowing in the cockpit

Great job. nice little regional hopper.

nice plane!!!! where can i get Lufthansa livery?

Very good work!!!

Thank you so much for SSJ 100! I have just made a nice flight from URRP to URKK and I enjoyed it a lot!! I LOVE the engine sound and how the aircraft is flying. PLEASE bring wings view so that everyone can enjoy a pax experience! Thanks again - great job! I can't wait for more liveries (Russia, etc) and a real cockpit.

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