Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX Improvement Mod

Yhteensopivuus Sim Update 6 on vahvistettu.

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Version 2110.0
Ensimmäinen versio julkaistu June 14, 2021
Viimeksi päivitetty October 20, 2021
Tiedoston koko 22.69 MB
Downloads 16,665
Status Ei vielä ladattu
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9,845 | VIII Captain

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  • Version 2110.0 October 20, 2021

    - New EIS function will work with stock G1000 (NXi not ready yet)
    - Improved EIS for WorkingTitle NXi (Engine Page, System Page)
    - Update for SU6

  • Version 2109.2 September 03, 2021

    - Fixed texture of standby torque gauge

    - Added and changed some Annunciation Messages
    - More steering angle on higher speed
    - Fixed: Oil temperature is always in the yellow position
    - POIs do not popping in at far distances
    - Some small improvements on flight characteristics
    - Fixed: Standby torque does show the wrong value
    - Fixed Standby Airspeed Indicator texture

  • Version 2108.4 August 11, 2021

    - Fixed compatibility issue on the Avionics with other Turboprops
    - Separate Mod for users who want to play with the vanilla G1000 or WorkingTitle legacy G1000

  • Version 2108.3 August 08, 2021

    - Fixed Annunciation Messages
    - Deleted WorkingTitle Fix (No longer needed)

    - Updated WorkingTitle G1000 v0.4 / GX v0.1.0-dev10 Fix for SU5

    - Updated Files for SU5

  • Version 2107.1 July 13, 2021

    - Increased propeller moi
    - added more texture fixes
    - Added additional Voice Alert for Minimums
    - Added additional Voice Alert when within 1000 feet of the target altitude set in the autopilot
    - Corrected BATT, GEN and ALT AMPS on Engine/System Pages

    - Going back to most of the Vanila Data cause performance is good since SU4
    - Test

    - Clean and Compare Mod with original source
    - Update WorkingTitle Fix
    - Update WorkingTitle Engine Pages
    - First Beta Version

  • Käynnistetty June 14, 2021

    Tämän tiedoston ensimmäinen versio on juuri julkaistu. Tervetuloa mukaan!

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140 Kommentit

how can i notice if the mod works ?

Is this mod a mix of all mods you have mentioned in your description? Have you put all the mentioned mods together in this package?

Could you please update this brilliant mod to allow use of the condition lever by my throttle quadrant instead of having to use the mouse (post SU6 my lever no longer works). Thanks.



8 day(s) ago / Kiitti Magraina

Can anyone confirm getting it started from cold and dark after SU6? Can't get any fuel flow despite the fuel valves being open. Starting on a runway is working seems fine for me though. Not sure if I'm missing something.

Starts fine without the mod.

EDIT: Seems to be working now with the new mod update. Thanks!

Really great addon but for some reason, my sim is always crashing when i land. This happens also if i don't have any other addons installed, is there any solution for this?

Does the aural warnings work with this mod ?. Only get the "500 feet" warning. I am using the mod in conjunction with the G1000 NXi from Working Title.

can't start engines with this mod.



1 month(s) ago / Kiitti Magraina

The C208 has been my goto plane in MSFS, partly thanks to this mod. Great job



2 month(s) ago / Kiitti Magraina

No compatibility problem with the WU6. Thanks...

Will this mod work with the WT G1000 NXi?


Can the following entries in systems.cfg file



be removed from the file ?. I am using the G1000 NXi combined with Honeycomb Bravo TQ and find that it interferes with the speeds when doing FLC.


Hello! I have really enjoyed using this mod. I have a couple of issues with the current version:

The fuel selectors don't work! Is this a known issue? I currently can't start the engines.

On the central MFD, the softkeys along the bottom control the left hand MFD. The softkeys on the right hand MFD control the central MFD. This makes it hard to use! Is this a problem with the Working Title Simulations G1000, though?

Thank you for your hard work overall in improving the C208. Dom

do i also need to get uwa's lighting mod for this aircraft, or is it included with the main mod?

I don't know how realistic this is or whether it happened in previous versions, but I updated to the latest and when landing I found the plane floats for an insane amount of time. I was going below red stall speed and the plane still wasn't going down. Then I tried to replicate it and I had no trouble flying at 50-40 knots, no stall warning. Stall speed says ~60.

Does anyone know if this is compatible with the PMS50 GTN750 mod? I can’t figure out whether I would need the annunciation fix for that, or if that even works

Hi. I find that when flaps are used , at < 120 kts , the aircraft pitches nose up excessively and needs lots of down trim. Is that normal ? or must the speed be lower ?. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks



2 month(s) ago / Kiitti Magraina

Thanks for the great mod and your dedication towards the project. I have a question regarding the altitude alert sound, which I believe is made possible by this mod. My problem is that the sound is very soft - is there somewhere a setting in UI or cockpit of C208 to make it louder ?. I have looked around but cannot find anything. Thanks again !! Great job !!

PS : from changelog :

- Added additional Voice Alert for Minimums

- Added additional Voice Alert when within 1000 feet of the target altitude set in the autopilot

I don't here the above.

Does the fuel selectors not work? I cant start this A/c without Ctrl +E

Getting weird lighting looks blocky. i posted pictures in ''user gallery'' you can see them in 48 hrs

What is the difference between this mod and the one by Bush League Legends?

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