I regret to inform that this scenery will not be updated anymore, I built this scenery in a earlier build and some files got corrupted and fails to load in the SDK, you can still donwload it, it will still be working but not as intended. Also there is a payware version of this airport which I highly would suggest.

Thank you for all the support and kind words.

My 4th attempt at making a scenery from scratch and is semi realistic, but this time I decided to try and make a community requested airport Cat Cay (MYCC) ..  this took me roughly 15+ Hours, the docks really gave me a headache, but i think i got it... oh, this might be a big challenge with take off and landing, the runway is only 1330 ft, so good luck, and if you miss you might just hit the rocks and water on the other end, if there are any problem, either DM me or let me know in the comments. happy flying!

IMPORTANT NOTE, Please read:

This is a highly detailed airport with lots of eyecandy, so you migh experience fps drops depending on your system specs.

This is not a real representation of the airport, this is merely an enhancement to bring more life to this airport in the Bahamas. This scenery enhancement is free and is not to be sold! 

All mods will work perfectly with the MSFS Basic version but it is recommended to have the MSFS Premium version installed to ensure that all included objects appear in your sim. Other versions (Standard and Deluxe) will work, but some items may not appear.
It is highly recommended to have all free World updates installed.
Do not forget to check the dependencies. You must have them installed to get the full experience.

Its imperative to have the list of libraries down below, or your scenery will not display correctly. if there are any problems let me know in the comments.

Installation instructions

Extract ZIP file and place the cat cay airport (mycc) folder into your Community Folder

Be sure to follow me for future sceneries and upddate notifications ,Thank you for downloading!

Libraries needed for this airport, future updates and airports made by me can be found in this link : Bahamas Project Life Megapack

**ensure that you have downloaded the EDLP scenery addon from aerosoft as some assets might be used (its free in the sim market)