VL-3 915 Rotax (Improvement Mod)

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Version 0.42
Ensimmäinen versio julkaistu August 03, 2021
Viimeksi päivitetty August 03, 2021
Tiedoston koko 233.95 MB
Downloads 2,776
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Aircraft Enhancements
#Real-Life #Experimental Drag and Drop


2,070 | V Second Officer

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  • Version 0.42 August 03, 2021

  • Käynnistetty August 03, 2021

    Tämän tiedoston ensimmäinen versio on juuri julkaistu. Tervetuloa mukaan!

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RPM Knob acts strange

Known issue.  The stock VL3's knob doesn't actually change anything at the moment, this one will at least adjust your rpm.

Asobo changed something on their template, so hopefully once they fix theirs, we can just use the same one.


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28 Kommentit

Love this bird - one request, can you please add some interior panel lighting like on the Vertigo for night time flight?

great project

Thank you very much for this. I was just looking at the manufacturers website and saw the Rotax 915 engine option was was wishing that I could have it in MSFS - and then I saw your mod! Great!

very good mod, lots of fun flying it https://youtu.be/sxRkpnKb_yQ

Thanks for this amazing work. Does anyone know where can I download the operating handbook for this bird?

very well done, a superb mod

Good Job!!! But the Heating is not working. Above FL100 the Windshield is completly iced.

Best of the best!!!! Fast, stable, easy to fly!!! Thanks!!! Thanks!!! Thanks!!!

Cet ULM est génial ! Merci beaucoup.

Cependant je n'arrive pas à mettre le pilote auto...

Comment faire ?

Le problème vient il de la mise à jour récente ou de moi ?

Merci !



3 month(s) ago / Kiitti TalonHawke

This one has become my favorite. Thank you.

One things, it shows the same RPM for the lower percentage of throttle and propeller speeds.

Awesome and powerful version !

A pleasure to fly with.

Only "problem" i see is the RPM, can't barely maintain it below 5800 in flight, don't really go down while deccelerating, start to lower only on landing and while braking, might be a glitch.

But it's a non-problem for flying 😊

réponse à ma question : il faut parametrer correctement l'inverseur "avionics"


apres installation les ecrans ne s'allument pas !

y a t'il une manoeuvre particulière ?




3 month(s) ago / Kiitti TalonHawke

Many thanks for this excellent mod! It works great under SU5!

Keep up the good work.



3 month(s) ago / Kiitti TalonHawke

Many thanks for the upload here ! I use the GitHub version since months, it is my main plane, I love it 8)

There were some updates with SU5, and it was hard to follow them, having to launch GitHub each time. With flightsim.to notifications it will be far much easier !

Looks interesting ,gonna take a look into it.

Just one question: do we need to get the "WorkingTitle G3X" as a seperate download from their site or is it all invcluded in your addon, what we need?



3 month(s) ago / Kiitti TalonHawke

A must have plane. I fly this almost exclusively since it was first released. It's the right mix between performance and sightseeing. Massive thanks to Talon and Gravel for all their work.

YOOOO. I've been flying this for months from github. JW is this still a separate aircraft to the stock VL-3 but also dependent on the stock VL-3 as the github version is?

Hi. Thanks for that. I'm a little confused: is that a kind of successor to the "Community Rotax 915" mod that used to be available?

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