Welcome to SavageSceneries.

This is my first enhacement for PANC. Please note that this scenery add-on is meant to work with the SIMWINGS payware airport. THIS ONLY comes with static aircraft and a few extras. You must have the static aircraft add-on from Latinvfr in order to work.

MUST HAVE Latinvfr static aircraft. : https://latinvfr.com/collections/frontpage/products/airport-static-aircraft-1

You can find that airport here : https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-sim-wings-anchorage-msfs.phtml

Im not 100% if this will work with the default scenery as i have not tested it. Youll notice that there are a few added items through out the airport as well. Walls and more ground equipment to make it more realisitc. Im not a developer in any way so dont ask me to alter buildings or anything like that. 

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Simply download the file and drag and drop into your community folder.

I hope you all like this add-on as it brings the airport more to life. 

DONATE : https://rocsavage69.live/tip


Feel free to donate if you wish or if you want a special request ill see what i can do for you if there is an airport you would like to see added with static aircraft. Donations are always accepted but not required.