This is the first of planed set of airports, where I'm adding Halloween decorations. The initial release is for Macco Simulations Birmingham Elmdon (EGBB) Airport and if it will happen it will gather positive coments I will keep adding Halloween decorations to more airports across the world. 

Please mind, that I am not planning to add Halloween decorations to some countries, where (as far as my knowledge goes) religious, political or other conditions mean people do not tend to celebrale halloween (Poland, baltic countries, Russia, China, India, Spain and in broad terms arab countries).

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment down below. If you don't like it, just don't download it.

There are few dependancies:

Without the first library you will have no green/red light effects by the tombs. Without the other you will have no pumpkins etc.

Credits for lights and objects go to appropriate creators. I only placed them around the airport.