This roughly 2000-mile flight plan takes you EXTREMELY close to the North Pole!  However, in order to get as close as shown in the attached pic (within just over a foot), I disengaged the LNAV mode on the autopilot at about N89.5 degrees and flew a GPS heading of 0 degrees North using a third-party freeware tool called "vfrmap" which I downloaded from  Also, I recorded the flight using Flight Recorder available here on by nguyenquyhy, and my thanks to him for that!  It is fun to reload the flight and watch the craziness from many different angles.

Needless to say, weird stuff happens on the simulator when you are near the North Pole, and on an earlier attempt at getting there I made two short videos: and so please watch!  And while you're there, I have a bunch of other goofy flying videos on my channel so subscribe if you like any of them!