Welcome to SavageSceneries.

This is my first enhacement for KDAL with FSLTL. Please note that this scenery add-on is meant to work with the IBlueYonder payware airport. THIS ONLY comes with static aircraft and a few extras. You must have the FBW FSLTL base package in order to work.

IF YOU WANT THE SPECIAL LIVERIES FOR SWA (DOWNLOAD): https://flightsim.to/file/53580/fsltl-unique-liveries-southwest-specials-pack-1-of-3

MUST HAVE FSLTL base package. : https://www.fslivetrafficliveries.com/

You can find that airport here : https://secure.simmarket.com/inibuilds-iblueyonder-dallas-love-field-kdal-msfs.phtml

SO!.. Some of you might wonder why im making the choice to switch to the FSLTL models, Well first off the models are FREE! As it goes for the models themselves they are 1000 times better then the LatinVFR static models. I know the next the qiestion would be how is the FPS impact.. Well to my findings i havent experienced any FPS impact, infact I actually seemed to gain one 1 or 2 FPS in certain airports while testing.

From now on unfortunately I have to pick one or the other as it is a lot of work to do these airports. From now on I will be only working with FSLTL aircraft and this should reduce any issues with dual aircraft showing up like with LatinVFR models. I hope we all can enjoy the new the sceneries and be patient as i have a long road ahead of me as i try to convert all my previous airports into FSLTL models. 


This I assure everyone will be the best move as the models are SO MUCH better to look at while your at the gates. ENJOY!

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Simply download the file and drag and drop into your community folder. (Same as previous sceneries)

I hope you all like this add-on as it brings the airport more to life. 

DONATE : https://streamlabs.com/cptrocsavage/tip


Feel free to donate if you wish or if you want a special request ill see what i can do for you if there is an airport you would like to see added with static aircraft. Donations are always accepted but not required.