⚙️ A GSX profile created from EPSY Olsztyn-Mazury created by Drzewiecki Design [CLICK HERE TO BUY]

👤 True-to-life procedures

🔧 Detailed vehicle positions and more...

✔️ Compatible with the latest version of GSX Pro [2.7.0], Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 [], Drzewiecki Design - EPSY Olsztyn-Mazury Airport [1.0.0]


Drop "epsy-acaz0s.ini" to "AppData\Roaming\virtuali\GSX\MSFS"

Drop "epsy-drzewieckidesign.py" to "AppData\Roaming\virtuali\GSX\MSFS"

If you have problem with installation, I'd recommend Drag&Drop Installer.

Profile was made with using PMDG 737-800. If you find any issues, mistakes - report in the comment section. More GSX profiles will come in the future.