Flight Setup App

I like to mirror real world flights but doing so involved quite a lot of steps searching for a reference flight in volanta, searching for free addon scenery, GSX profiles and liveries on FlightSim.To, setting up AddOn Linker, Simbrief, Charts, finding which airline, remembering what tail numbers i use for each aircraft and so on.

So I made this little application to help.

This app merely provides links / buttons to the above services and doesnt interact with them or affliliated with them in any way.



What does it do?

  • Provides easy searches for your Destination & Departure scenery and Airline liveries based on your reference search
  • Provides links to your Flight Sim applications, checklist folder, Simbrief and brief summary of your flight
  • Generates a custom flight number based on your Reference flight
  • Configurable with which Aircraft you can select based on what you own and fly.
  • Demonstrates my inability to code. 😄



  • Volanta Premium (In order to utilise the schedules function to find a reference flight, though you can achieve this with FlightRadar if you like)
  • Navigraph Desktop Application
  • AddOn Linker


Installation and setup

1) Extract / Unzip the Flight Setup Folder to wherever you like

2) Within the Folder you just extracted open the config.ini with notepad or notepad++ and replace the paths for Volanta, Navigraph Charts, Addon linker and your checklists folder if you have one. Once updated, save and close.

Volanta = "C:\YourPathToVolanta\Volanta.exe"
Charts = "C:\YourPathToNavigraph\Navigraph Charts.exe"
Addons = "C:\YourPathTo\MSFS_AddonsLinker.exe"
Checklists = "E:\OneDrive\Games\Flight\MSFS\Checklists"

You don't need to change the path to the Database.xlxs

3) Within the Flight Setup folder open the Database.xlxs. You shouldnt need to make any changes to the Airlines sheet but you can edit the Aircraft list with any aircraft you fly or tail numbers you wish to use etc, save and close once finished.



How To use

1) Open the application and select "Pick a flight" if using Volanta Schedules or find a flight number via FlightRadar or similar service.

2) Enter the flight number, Departure and Destination ICAO's and select which of your Aircraft you'd like to use.

3) Click Generate to create a short summary of your flight and generate your own flight number.

4) Use the Destination, Departure, Aircraft buttons to search FlightSim.To for Scenery, Liveries, GSX profiles

5) Use the SimBrief, Charts, Addons and Checklist buttons to setup up the rest of your flight.

6) Hit Generate to generate new flight numbers for you, and use reset to start from fresh.



The source code is available on GitHub, I'm in no way a pro at coding and ChatGPT wrote like 80% of it so thoughts, suggestions are very much welcome. So far I've used it for every flight the past week and found it useful so thought I'd share it.

I appreciate this is just a collection of buttons links and looking up a spreadsheet so it might not be for everyone but I hope someone finds it useful :D