(IMPORTANT ADVICE: The areas covered by this bushtrip suffer some bad default image quality, which is why I highly recommend using the MSFS2020 Map Enhancement Mod and the provided ArcGIS satellite imagery source. This is the best option for remote regions in Russia. If you don't use this mod, you will fly over many offline textured parts and this is not enjoyable and navigable at all. Using the Map Enhancement Mod is super easy. Its just two clicks every time you open MSFS. Just make sure to open the mod first before launching MSFS. The screenshots show ArcGIS material so you can see its very beautiful with this option. Google Maps is also bad in this region so stick to ArcGIS.) 

This sixth part of the series is the last part about European Russia, where we will discover the regions west of the Ural Mountains, the easternmost region of Europe. We will also fly some detours into the mountains to visit the highest peaks and other scenic sections and finally end up back in the south of Russia near the border to Kazakhstan. On our route we will visit the major cities of the Ural region like Perm, the easternmost city in Europe with more than 1 million inhabitants. The main rivers we will use for navigation are the upper part of the Pechora and the Kama river. The West Ural region is also home to new republics, like Bashkortostan or Udmurtia.  As always on my bushtrips you won't just fly from A to B but I will also give much information on the cities, the history of Russia, the characteristics of the landscapes, the infrastructure etc... When this series is finished, the whole route will be more than 50.000-70.000km long, splitted into probably 15-20 parts. So if you are only interested in certain regions, you can skip the parts you dont want to fly, so that everyone get's what he/she wants.

Places you will visit on this Bushtrip among others:

- the oil extraction regions of Komi with Usinsk as its center

- the Yugyd Va National Park in the subpolar Urals, the largest in all Europe

- the cities along the Kama with Perm, the salt capital of Russia Solikamsk and the industrial giants Nizhnekamsk & Naberezhnye Chelny

- the autonomous republics Udmurtia and Bashkortostan

- the western foothills of the southern Urals along the Belaya River


Federal Subjects covered on this Bushtrip:

Komi Republic

Perm Krai

Udmurt Republic

Republic of Tatarstan

Republic of Bashkortostan

Orenburg Oblast


Flight Length: 3322km

Flight Duration: 9:24

Number of legs: 11


To avoid misunderstandings: This Bushtrip series is about Russia, a country that is currently engaged in a war of aggression with Ukraine that violates international law. The trip takes place on Russia's internationally recognized territory and includes historical facts that depict significant events in Russia's history, but not current events. This content is primarily intended to educate and entertain people, who are interested in geography, history and the post-Soviet hemisphere. The largest country in the world may never have come to terms with its past, resulting in imperialistic efforts, but that is no reason to drag Russia's geographic beauty into it, in my opinion. In the future I'm sure I'll address other post-Soviet countries, but with the war going on in Ukraine, plus the ongoing Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, I didn't want you to fly over towns and villages that look completely fine in the simulator, but were actually bombed to pieces and I'm pretending nothing happened...


You will fly in a Cessna C208 Grand Caravan, the perfect aircraft for this route. Welcome aboard!! If you want to change the aircraft you can do it via the developer mode -> Windows -> Aircraft Selector

You will also be able to change the time & weather via the default toolbar according to your liking. Default is Live Weather & 1 hour passing by with each flight

I have also added TTS for waypoint info with copilot voice so it feels like there's someone in the cockpit telling you where to fly to. (only functional with English language, for other languages turn TTS off in the sounds menu).

The trip includes auto-translations for several languages.

For the perfect experience I highly recommend some scenery and improvement mods, the more you install, the better the experience:


MSFS2020 Map Enhancement Mod by derekhe

We Love VFR by PuffinFlight

Izhevsk Airport by xflight

Ufa Intl. Airport by Dobrex


Perm Bolshoye Savino Intl. Airport by SSD


INSTALLATION: Just download the .zip file, unzip it and drag and drop it into your MSFS community folder. You will then find the Bush Trip in the Activities -> Custom Content menu. Everything works just like the default bush trips.

A big thank you to the guys from BushTripInjector and Little Navmap for the easy way to create bush trips without having to be a coding genius by myself :)