Ever wanted to fly and cuddle your favourite aircraft? Finally we have cute flying plushies for MSFS.
Every plushie is hand-crafted (no child labour!) with the best available materials and custom flight models to represent the real counterpart.
If you want something less serious (but still study level) for relaxing flights or sightseeing, the plushies are the perfect choice.
Although you are sitting on top and outside, they will keep you warm, even during winter.
Keep dry!!! WARNING: Highly flammable!!!

F-14 Tomcat
F/A-18c Hornet
Eurofighter Typhoon
X-32 (hahahahaha)
Spitfire MkIV
Airbus Beluga
Avro Vulcan
Plushie Starship
Plushie Cheesecake
and more to come....


- custom flight models
- 4K PBR materials
- cuddly
- cute
- study level


Basic bindings: Throttle, Elevator, Aileron, Rudder, Landing Gear, Flaps, Spoilers.
Flaps = Wing sweep (F-14 Tomcat)
No klickable buttons or cockpit, because real plushies don't have those.

Known issues:
The smaller plushies (except taildraggers) don't turn well on the ground (F14, F35, F-18, MB339, Typhoon)
  -speedbrakes not fully working and gear animation not accurate
  -small texture íssues