This is a library of moving simobject vehicles mainly for use in worldscripts. 

Moving is cool. You might well have done it today. 

There is a limited selection of vehicles in the sim, and an even more limited selection of simobject vehicles that will move. 

Thusly I've put this library together which is bunch of about 100 vehicles that have rotating and steering wheels along with light, noise and a wee driver much of the time. 

There are no airport vehicles, that needs extra clever programming or I couldn't be bothered, this is for the wider world. These aren't super fancy. I've been rather ruthless to keep the size down. 

Also there's nothing articulated as the animation for it doesn't exist as far as I can tell. 

There are - motorcycles, cars, 4x4s, trucks, buses, military vehicles, campers, utility vehicles, combine harvesters, tractors, construction vehicles, golf carts, vans and maybe a few others. 

As they're animated simobjects they're not really usable as static models. They will continue to emit noise and creep around unless placed in a worldscript set to zero. You can give it a try of course. 

Because of this there's a smaller number of static scenery objects also in this download, mainly stuff that isn't in the main install like combines, tractors etc. 

There is also a worldscript with a preset route for each model included, but these are really only for demonstration purposes as land tends to have a lot more obstacles than the sea so the route will be pretty useless. Better to make your own. 


There are two items in this download so click two more times after unzipping to find the main package.


The second is for developers with a few example files and a brief description. 

The simobjects, worldscripts and scenery object models all have the same prefix that'll show up in the scenery editor - wsv. 

Now hopefully you'll go off and do something interesting with them. 

Model credits -  Ajay Gawde, Batuhan13, BRO, FS 3D Studio, Ashkelon, TSB3DMODELS, RGB, Daniel Zhabotinsky, OwenNielsen, renafox, Comrade1280, Atrikumar Das,