It is said that the best way to see America is to take the train. What they don't tell you is that the America you see are the backyards and industrial areas of America. This trip follows the Chicago Line railway from Cleveland to Chicago. My wife and I had a chance to take this route on the Capitol Limited Amtrak route when we went out west to see the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. This is the first segment of that trip. Enjoy the best backyards of the Midwest USA. Follow the Capitol Limited Amtrak route from Cleveland to Chicago.

As you fly try to follow the railroad tracks. Fly at an altitude of 1500 feet. This will keep you around 500 feet above ground level.  This way you can see basically what we saw from our train window. The GPS line will keep you close, but I find the challenge of following the railroad track more fun. Be careful for sometimes there are more than one set of tracks to follow. 

Enjoy your flight along the Capitol Limited Amtrak route!