This addon turns the clock back to 1958 and teleports you to the Golden Age of Air Travel.

Your MSFS will now use navaids as of April 1958 (in the conterminous U.S.):

  • 634 VORs
  • 72 VORTACs
  • 551 NDBs
  • 396 Low-frequency Radio Range beacons (file to update Radio Range Navigation addon included)
  • 195 ILS and associated LOMs, LMMs and marker beacons
  • correct historical magnetic variation

Information was sourced from:

  • Radio Facility Charts and in-flight data United States 2 April 1958 (enclosed)
  • U.S. Sectional Aeronautical Charts from around April 1958 available at Library of Congress

LittleNavMap features:

  • custom LNM map theme (georeferenced Sectionals)
  • all 1958 navaids available for import as Userpoints
  • custom 1958 MSFS scenery database

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U.S. Sectional Aeronautical Charts courtesy of U.S. Coast And Geodetic Survey, United States Federal Aviation Administration, and National Ocean Survey. Sectional aeronautical charts: United States. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1927. Map.

Experimantal -- Use on your own risk

This addon removes all other navaids outside of the U.S. Do not forget to remove it from your Community folder before every update of the sim.

Disclaimer / Copyright

This scenery is uploaded to exclusively and upload to other websites is forbidden without a written approval of the author.
The author of this package is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this package.
This package is free. It is forbidden to distribute it (wholly or partially) for commercial purposes without approval of the author of this package. Furthermore, it is forbidden to alter parts of this addon and / or use them in other addons without a written approval of the author.