Full iceland Bushtrip for 737!

Why not enjoy all the scenery from the comfortable seat of a jet?

Microsoft Iceland bush trip converted for 737-800 PMDG (Can be modified in simbrief)

Recommended altitude 7000ft-8000ft


DCT 632530N0201638W 632410N0190611W 634824N0172731W 640106N0162306W 641501N0151226W 642657N0150001W 650433N0144854W 652601N0151954W 660234N0172017W 654104N0180535W 660903N0185439W 653623N0203809W 655334N0222440W 648359N0234546W 647461N0221918W 642327N0211506W DCT 640911N0215938W DCT 640747N0215626W DCT


If you want more like this please leave a comment below to let me know!
did this route with GA aircraft and the 737-800 figured people also would enjoy flying them with jets :)