Full Norway Bushtrip for 737!
Why not enjoy all the scenery from the comfortable sit of a jet?

Microsoft Iceland bush trip converted for 737-800 PMDG (Can be modified in simbrief)

Recommended altitude 7000ft-8000ft


DCT 601140N0110556E DCT 595425N0104513E 594443N0101221E 585706N0084725E 580913N0080143E 580138N0072705E 583914N0061910E 585452N0054349E 592350N0051713E 600757N0054102E 602200N0052126E 603714N0062440E 610525N0070047E 610920N0070810E 613632N0065252E 616012N0065916E 623846N0071114E 625434N0072733E 631247N0075728E 633820N0083408E 634747N0085338E 641608N0102352E 645145N0111349E 652816N0121229E 661501N0124748E 664433N0131910E 670322N0135435E 671718N0142624E 673248N0144440E 681635N0144822E 683813N0152854E 684425N0154747E 690244N0172618E 693145N0185420E 694003N0194459E 695736N0203918E N694714E205732


If you want more like this please leave a comment below to let me know!
did this route with GA aircraft and the 737-800 figured people also would enjoy flying them with jets :)