Glider FR Le Verdon 277

JS3-15 or LS4

LFTP to LF83

All credits to @ADCKillerman

Find the thermal just after take-off to gain altitude
START MAXI 6000 feet

MSFS Local date & time is June 01, 12:00 PM 
The flight plan to load is Le Verdon-LFTP to LF83-274 S.pln

You will depart from LFTP Puimoisson (Rwy 25)
You will land at LF83 Riez Airport
Distance are 296 km total (277 km task) / 184 mi total (172 mi task)
Approx. duration should be 90 to 150 minutes (1h30 to 2h30)
The difficulty is rated as Experienced

The weather
The elevation measurement used is AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level)
The barometric pressure is 29,92 inHg / 1 013 hPa
The temperature is 24°C / 75°F
The aerosol index is 3,00

Puimoisson  Runway: 25    2478ft            
[St]    Start    4800ft    Max alt: 6000ft. Radius: 2500m.
Mont Vial        4357ft                      Radius: 1000m.
Le Serre        6404ft                        Radius: 1000m.
Lacs de Lignin    8284ft                     Radius: 1000m.
Lac de Rabuons    8625ft    Max alt: 10000ft. Min alt: 8625ft. Radius: 1000m.
Isola 2000      7379ft                     Radius: 1000m.
Mont Vial        4357ft                     Radius: 1000m.
Lachens            5279ft                     Radius: 1000m.
Le verdon        2661ft  Max alt: 4000ft  Radius: 1000m.
Finish            1768ft                     Radius: 2500m.
LF83    Riez Airport    2146ft    




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