Using Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) often entails waiting through loading screens regardless the community showcases remarkable screenshots. I’ve combined the two! I've developed a straightforward solution enabling users to personalise their loading screen images during the secondary loading phase in MSFS.

Regrettably, the initial loading screen preceding the menu is unchangable at this time. Nonetheless, this lightweight program allows you to set up to 66 custom images to display as you transition from the main menu to your flight. Furthermore, you can update these images at your convenience by re running the app.



1. Preparation: Before initiating the application, consider backing up the FREEFLIGHT folder. While this functionality will soon be integrated into the app, for now, you can find the folder at fs-base/missions/Common/LOADING/FreeFlight/.

2. Execution: Unzip the folder and launch MSFSLoadingScreenEditor.exe as an administrator.

3. Source Folder:Choose a folder containing the desired screenshots. I recommend creating a dedicated folder for this purpose and populating it with your favourite images. The recommended format is .JPG, PNG is supported but not advised. No other formats are compatible.

4. Sim Version: Select the version of MSFS you own.

5. MSFS Install Path:Specify the path to your MSFS installation directory. This is NOT the community folder. This folder should be one level above your community folder. For instance, in my case, it's located at F:\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. 

6. Run: Hit GO!

Common Errors:

- Exceeding Image Limit: MSFS permits only 66 images to be uploaded. Ensure that your source folder contains no more than 66 images.

- Blurry Images: Avoid uploading low-resolution images to prevent blurriness. JPGs are recommended, as using PNGs may result in decreased quality, although the app can handle PNGs it seems to decrease the quality while converting. I’m investigating this.

- Default Images Persisting: If fewer than 66 images are provided, random default images will fill the remaining slots.

- Blank Loading Screen: If your loading screen appears black, something may have gone awry. Re-run the application, ensuring all instructions are followed, or restore the backup. Black loading screens won't affect your simulator.

Important Note:Sim updates will overwrite the modifications. Re-run the application after every update.

Your suggestions and feature requests for this app, or any other apps you'd like to see developed, are highly appreciated. Feedback and support inquiries are welcome!

Special thanks to thinksFlyer from the MSFS forum for originally discovering the loading image location.