This is my GSX-Profile For Asobos (CU6) EDNY 

This is just a simple profile for the new EDNY coming with City Update 6. It has all you might need. The GA ramps only have a good stop position and the marshaller placed as GSX does not really support GA operations.

What’s Included?

->         Custom vehicle placement

->         Walk-in paths where they are needed

->         Custom .py file sorting the positions and better stop positions

How to install?

Simply place the provided .ini file into %appdata%/virtuali/GSX/MSFS

-          If any problems arise have a look at the install guide provided with the profile.

For an easy and convenient alternative, you can use the profile installer by FatGingerHead and smatthew. Found >>>here<<<

How to report a problem?

If you have a problem with the installation or there is something wrong with the profile, please let me know either here or on our Community Discord. I will make sure to help in any way I can.


If you know more about the ground operations, I am trying to replicate, please let me know so I can improve my work and bring you the best possible profile.


If you´re a Creator or just a Profile User, feel free to join the GSX Creation Community and chat or discuss with other Users or Creators >>>Click Here<<<