Lancashire Hotpot Bush Trip

A flight around Lancashire in the north west of the UK. Flight time is about 2 1/2hrs and includes 2 international airports, 2 disused airfileds, private, GA and various farm airstrips.

The flight starts at RAF Woodvale - EGOW, just north of Liverpool. Other starting airfields in FS2020 are available. Fly something slow if you want to land at some of the small farm strips. Take care in poor visibility, some of the airfields on the Lancashire moors are tricky.

Airfields include:

RAF Woodvale

Ince Airstrip

Liverpool John Lennon

Kenyon Hall Microlight Airstrip

Kenyon Hall Farm Airstrip

Haydock Park Race Course

Bryn Gates Airfield

Manchester International

Woodford (a closed airfield in Chesire - forgot to include in the Cheshire Challenge flight plan)

Barton Airfield

Middle Bank Top Farm

Higher Barn Farm Airstrip

Bae Samlesbury (closed)

Chipping Airfield

Cockerham Drop Zone

Tarn Farm Airfield

Brook Farm Airfield

St Michael's Airfield

Carr Valley

Bae Warton


Point of interest include Liverpool sea front, Old Trafford sports grounds, Runcorn bridge, Heysham nuclear power station and IOM ferry port.

Word document includeed with a full flight plan

Lots of screen shots to help

Littlenav map is required to open the flight plan.

No cheating using the satnav/GPS - hand fly VFR with visual refs and VOR.

Enjoy, leave your comments below.

Lamcashire Hotpot is a local recipe made with either beef or lamb stew + vegetables covered with sliced potoatoes