Designed for: Miyako Airport by KAZE

I was very sad to hear KAZE has quit MSFS scenery development - he has made some of the best freeware airports out there and made Japan an exciting place to fly. I hope he finds the support he needs from the Japanese community one day to continue.

This is my first complete GSX profile with jetway root modifications and python stop positions. I made it because I wanted to fly to Miyako Airport and share this beautiful and unique place with more people. I hope to release more GSX profiles to this standard in the future and update my older ones as well.

All spots completed. Pushback positions, ground handling companies, vehicle positions, passenger walkways and spot assignment based off real world videos and flightradar data. Jetway root modifictions to prevent passengers from "jumping" into the sky at the end. This does mean that I cannot get passengers to walk the full jetway to the terminal as they would "jump" up at the jetway root. Python script included for custom aircraft stop positions on the markers.