Scotland… a magical land of legends and landscapes #2

The Scottish landscape is a landscape of enormous contrasts. Dotted with castles, lochs and mountains, Scotland is arguably one of Britain's most unspoiled and natural destinations. A wild and rainy land, and the scene of legendary battles with a strong history of clans... a natural paradise chained to the mysticism of its history and folklore that has inspired numerous stories of Scottish myths and legends.

This second part of Scotland has four legs:

In the fourth leg we will discover the Orkney Islands, an archipelago that has about 70 islands, of which 20 are inhabited. They are located north of mainland Scotland across one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the UK with the strongest tidal streams known as the Pentland Firth. Each island has its own personality and preserves important Neolithic and Iron Age sites.

In the fifth leg we will discover the heart of the Scottish Highlands, passing through the Cairngorms National Park, where five of the highest mountains in the United Kingdom are located, and through Loch Ness, one of the best-known places in the Highlands, partly because of its legends and the Nessie monster that, according to some, lives under its waters. We will end the journey in Inverness, the proud capital of the Scottish Highlands.

In the sixth leg we will follow the final stretch of the River Tay, passing through the Firth of Tay in Perth and through its mouth into the North Sea beyond Dundee. The River Tay is the longest river in Scotland and one of the five big Scottish salmon rivers. It flows from the slopes of Ben Lui in western Scotland to the North Sea south of Dundee, on the east coast. Beyond Perth, the river becomes tidal as it approaches the sea, becoming the Firth of Tay. By the time the Tay has reached the North Sea, it’s travelled 120 miles across Scotland.

In the seventh leg we will discover the Kingdom of Fife, one of the nine regions of Scotland. Located on the east coast, it is the third most populated region in Scotland. Historically it was one of the Pictish kingdoms of central Scotland, known as Fib. Its best-known location is Saint Andrews, an important historic enclave with a medieval castle and cathedral, now in ruins, a historic golf course and one of the most important universities in the United Kingdom.

Scotland… a magical land of legends and landscapes #1:

Voices and Texts in English, Catalan and Spanish

You will fly with the Diamond Aircraft DA40NG or the Beechcraft Baron G58, and have the weather window active so you can experience all the routes at different times and seasons. At the beginning of each leg, the plane is parked and in a Cold & Dark situation. If you want to start the plane quickly, just press the "CTRL + E" keys and activate the lights. You also have a flight plan available with all legs (Scotland 2.pln). I hope you enjoy it!


You have two .rar files available:

Scotland 2 CAT-ESP-ENG.rar: contains the text and audio files in Catalan (es-ES), Spanish (es-MX) and English

Scotland 2 ESP-ENG.rar: contains the text and audio files in Spanish (es-ES, es-MX) and English

Once the corresponding file has been downloaded, unzip the file and copy all the folders “sco-scotland-Txx-CAT” and/or “sco-scotland-Txx” and “sco-scotland-T01S” in the "Community" folder of your MSFS.

Note: BushTrip created with BushTripInjector, many thanks to its creator BuffyGC for her support and help, and with LittleNavMap by Alexander Barthel. Spanish/English translations: Google Translator. I also thank the authors of the photographs included in each leg. Music by Musictown from Pixabay.